Planning your Trip

Here is some essential information that you will find useful as your plan your trip to Galapagos! Are you getting excited? We are..


From December to June it is warm and sunny, and the sea water is also nicely warm. From July to November it is temperate and occasionally cloudy.

What to wear and bring on your trip:

  • Comfortable and informal clothing such as bermudas, light pants, cotton T-shirts, light sweater and/or wind breaker
  • Walking shoes or tennis shoes, sandals
  • Swim trunks / bathing suit
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunblock
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat
  • Video camera or photo camera
  • Extra memory stick for more pictures


Galapagos is one hour earlier than the continent.


The Galapagos Islands have an energy supply of 110 volts. In the hotel lobby you can also find also 220 volts if needed.


The Galapagos entrance fee costs $100 USD. It must be paid in CASH at the airport. Remember, the money is completely used to maintain the National Park Galapagos and protect this special world with its unique flora and fauna, for the ongoing enjoyment of generations to come.


At Hotel Silberstein we accept all major credit cards and cash in USD. We suggest that you do not bring large bills to the islands, for it’s not so easy to use at the restaurants and stores. Try to only bring smaller bills, maximum $20 or smaller to make transactions easy.

We look forward to seeing you in the Enchanted Islands!

- Hotel Silberstein Team