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By Chris Bunch

The wizard Tenedos reworked decaying Numantia right into a robust empire, yet his lust for conquest destroyed his land. purely normal Damastes, imprisoned and exiled, is familiar with Tenedos good adequate to foretell his schemes. And basically Damastes can forge a military to problem Tenedos and keep a ravaged and hopeless land.

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Yonge used to be pressured to smile and refilled Bakr's glass. i spotted either he and the Negaret have been a bit under the influence of alcohol, and made up our minds to grab the instant. "Who's the recent azaz? ’ Bakr regarded nervous for an immediate, then coated his expression. "I have no idea, Damastes, and could by no means dream of asking. might be there's not one, for after we marched south I observed no specific pig of a wizard kissing the king's bum, yet particularly he was once surrounded by means of a bunch of these mumbling males who want they can turn into demons. " i discovered that attention-grabbing and had one other query, after Yonge and Bakr had reminisced with a couple of stories of battle and pillage. "Something else, Jedaz Bakr," I stated, preserving my voice informal, "with the king the following in Numantia, who governs Maisir? His ligaba, Baron Sala? " "You are a idiot, Damastes," he replied, "and unwise within the methods of kings. Ligaba Sala, i've got heard, is a guy of knowledge, deep options, and cautious deeds, even though i have now not had the excitement of assembly him. " "I be aware of Sala," I stated, remembering the guy with the drooping moustaches and the infinitely unhappy eyes, as though he'd witnessed all of the evil guy and Saionji may possibly wreak. "Both in Numantia and in Jarrah, and he's certainly clever, and that i might virtually reflect on him a chum. yet i do not comprehend why you name me a idiot. " "Then you're doubly one, for what king would depart a sensible guy answerable for whatever whilst he is away, for he may go back to discover a brand new guy sitting his throne, a guy who was his ligaba? Baron Sala is with the king the following in Numantia and lives with him in Renan, the place they've got commandeered palaces, with no letting us bad Negaret have greater than our black tents. " He hiccuped. "You did not resolution my question," I stated. "Who ideas Maisir in Bairan's stead? " "No one," Bakr acknowledged. "For we're one of these large nation it takes time for whatever to have an impact. The king may have given particular orders to his flunkies, and people senseless little asslickers will nonetheless be placing them into impression after we end defeating you and go back domestic. " "Bairan has no successor? " "None he is famous, and everybody could have heard if he did legitimize any of his bastards. Bairan prefers to maintain every body curious, so there might be no conspiracy and consequently no princeling to kill whilst he returns to Jarrah. "I feel he thinks that if Irisu is so silly as to come him to die Wheel with out a right successor, then Maisir should have sinned and merits the shambles it will fall into. "His father saved an identical coverage until eventually he turned very unwell, then named Bairan's brother, who used to be too dumb to take a seat a throne, now not in contrast to you, Numantian, for he went looking in the future with Bairan, and Bairan used to be the single one that rode again. I comprehend his brother had an impressive funeral. "His particularly died simply after that, and we must always all think Bairan whilst he tells us it used to be a quiet, usual dying. " Bakr laughed. "You see why you mustn't aspire to a throne, Damastes? unusual issues ensue. " the assumption i would had sooner than, and put aside, got here as a fullblown plan.

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