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By Mark T. Barnes

The epic end of the Echoes of Empire trilogy.

Prophecy declared that corrupt baby-kisser Corajidin could rule the Shrīanese Federation, even turn into its new Emperor—and sinister magic has helped him defy dying with the intention to do it. yet his victory isn't really guaranteed, due to clashing rival factions that prevent any makes an attempt to unify the kingdom. even though he has taken more and more brutal measures to do away with all stumbling blocks in his direction, the darkish forces aiding him develop dangerously impatient. And the more durable they press, the extra drastic Corajidin’s activities develop into.

Soon, simply his strongest adversaries will stand in his manner: Indris, the peerless swordsman and sorcerer who has lengthy fought to finish the Federation’s bloody turmoil; and the warrior-poet Mari, Corajidin’s personal daughter and the lady Indris loves. destiny has torn them aside, forcing them into terrifying own trials. but when Indris can carry to undergo the devastating wisdom of the Pillars of Sand, and Mari can stand up as a insurgent chief, Corajidin’s enemies will rally—and the decisive conflict for the soul and way forward for the Shrīanese will begin.

This epic story of intrigue, love, and betrayal, painted within the blood of allies and enemies via Mark T. Barnes, concludes the Echo of Empire trilogy that begun with The backyard of Stones and The Obsidian Heart.

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Corajidin allowed himself to soften into her, his internal voice of warning little greater than a cry from one other room. Her certain fingers slid his coat from his shoulders. What Mēdēya stated used to be real. those self same palms reached insistently for the buckles of his trousers. yet why used to be Narseh ill? There got here the pointy ricochet of ruby and gold buttons as she tore at his tunic. And why now? Mēdēya moaned low in her throat as Corajidin frantically cleared an area at the table for them, stories falling to the floor, forgotten. Mēdēya took his earlobe among her lips, evenly massaging along with her tongue. His palms wandered, lips tracing a hot music down her neck, then her torso, as she steered him downward. “And Vahineh. ” Mēdēya gasped, the muscle mass in her stomach twitching. He watched as gooseflesh stippled her epidermis. “Her highway must finish at my hand, as mine virtually ended at hers. supply her to me, my love. supply her to me, and that i provides you with . . . ” Intoxicated by means of her, all he did was once nod. “TRUTHS CAN switch just like the CLOUDS within the SKY, because the WIND OF truth BLOWS THEM INTO extra significant SHAPES. ” —Zienni proverb DAY fifty five OF THE 496TH 12 months OF THE SHRĪANESE FEDERATION Indris ached, sweating from his labors within the Manufactory. With 3 of the forges and of the athanors operating, where used to be sweltering, the air seeming to stay to his pores and skin. He stood and stretched, letting the hammer fall to the anvil, flexing his drained palms. His drawings hung as layered panels relocating sluggishly within the scorching air, backlit to bare a layered three-d view. Above him the finished fuselage for the Skylark hung through chains and pulleys from the iron girders that crisscrossed the ceiling. The wind-skiff gave the look of the large glass skeleton of a falcon, with extra struts within the wings and tail. The pilot’s gimbal were put in, as had the mountings for the Disentropy Spools and the Tempest Wheels. It had taken greater than a month to build by means of himself, in what hours have been left to his personal units after he labored with the Masters and spent what were fruitless hours within the library. Calming his brain with a short respiring workout, Indris used his bettering farsight to examine the contents of the athanor, the really expert furnace elimination the impurities within the thaumaturgic gold, silver, and bronze he wanted for the circuits of his new Tempest Wheels. Flicking his brain throughout to the forges, the serill sheets and spars have been nearly performed: there have been no drakes at Amarqa-in-the-Snows, however the mystic forges generated the warmth essential to make drake glass. Indris dropped his metapsychic imaginative and prescient and referred to as upon his psychokinesis to softly reduce the Skylark to flooring point. because the skeleton settled in to its cradle, Indris took up a number of the serill panels he had accomplished, and the vanes of alloyed thaumaturgic steel, and swept them into position together with his brain. similar to the other muscle, or ability. The extra he practiced, the improved he turned. and because arriving at Amarqa, Indris had taken each chance to perform.

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