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By Troy Denning

Decided to force a exchange direction via Anauroch, the Zhentarim have despatched a military to enslave the fierce nomads of the good wasteland. falls to the intruders, aid comes from an unforeseen source--the Harpers, guardians of liberty through the realm. The Parched Sea starts off an exhilarating new Forgotten geographical regions sequence.

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In speedy later, the defend coughed and resumed respiring. Lander took the boy’s keffiyeh and filled the headband into the guard’s mouth as a gag, then sure him to a tent pole. Kadumi relieved him of his belt, scimitar, and scabbards, then requested, “What now? ” earlier than Ruha might resolution, the sound of ripping textile sounded from the rear of the khreima. The younger widow spun round to determine the blade of a scimitar cutting during the tent wall. Taking the guard’s scimitar from Kadumi, Lander wary stepped towards the gash, motioning to Kadumi and Ruha to do likewise. An immediate later, Al’Aif stepped throughout the gap he had simply created. in a single hand he held the scimitar that had opened the khreima, and within the different he held his jambiya. while he observed the trio status unfettered and the subconscious defend sure to the tent pole, he raised an eyebrow and sheathed his dagger. “You have been looking forward to me, I see. ” Lander nodded, yet Ruha and Kadumi stared on the scarred warrior with their mouths striking agape. “Come on,” Al’Aif stated. “Kadumi’s camels are watered and packed. ” Ruha refused to maneuver. “You killed Zarud and have been able to allow me pay the blood price,” she acknowledged, fingering her dagger. “Why may still I belief you currently? ” “I do what I do for purposes of my own,” he replied, assembly her gaze squarely. “I by no means meant to enable Sheikh Sabkhat ship you—or someone else—to the Zhentarim. you could belief me. ” He grew to become to the again wall of the tent and unfold open the gash he had created, then motioned for Ruha to step via. whilst Ruha nonetheless didn't movement, Lander suggested her towards the go out. “We can belief him. For his plan to paintings, he needs to support us get away. He killed the Zhentarim to avoid the tribe from allying with the invaders. If we’re long past within the morning, the sheikh can have no selection other than to escape. ” “Or to fight,” Al’Aif stated. “That will be very foolish,” Lander acknowledged. “The Zhentarim have a wide military and their commanders are bound to be able. ” The scarred Mtairi shrugged. “Fight or flee. it's the related to me—but by no means enslavement! ” He reached towards Ruha to induce her in the course of the slit, however the widow jerked her arm away and stepped outdoors prior to he may well contact her. outdoor, the tasselled silhouettes of numerous qassis trees perfumed the air with their stringent aromas. Fifty yards to the west, the fuzzy shadows of ghaf timber and the tinkle of the circulation marked the gulch. at the different facet of the tent, Rahalat’s darkish form towered excessive over the moonlit sands, and a heavy experience of forthcoming doom settled over Ruha. The others stepped out of the tent, then Al’Aif silently motioned for them to keep on with him. The scarred warrior led the small workforce around the gulch, then round the shoulder of the mountain. After probably an hour of determining their well beyond thorny salt-bushes and scrub brush, the scar-faced warrior stopped on the fringe of a small draw. within the backside of the dry wadi have been the milky silhouettes of Kadumi’s camels and the darker define of his brown gelding. The gelding and of the white camels have been equipped with saddles, whereas the remainder beasts have been loaded with luggage.

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