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By Michael Williams

Secrets of the past.

Although Raistlin and Caramon urge him to not cross, Sturm Brightblade attends an annual Solamnic rite that's interrupted by way of . . .

A stranger, taunting problem. Clues from the earlier. Death.

Once he accepts a mysterious gauntlet, younger Sturm needs to make a deadly trip with a few curious neighbors, rescue a good if querulous maid, defeat a traitor knight, and examine the key destiny of his long-lost father. He also needs to research the that means of honor.

The fourth installment within the well known conferences Sextet tells the tale of Sturm Brightblade, the noble Solamnic Knight, within the years ahead of Sturm joined up with the opposite partners of the best-selling Dragonlance series.

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Caramon’s greeting used to be brisk, enthusiastic. Smarting from the large man’s undergo hug, Sturm rubbed his shoulder and tested the handiwork sooner than him. “It’s for Raist,” Caramon maintained proudly, seating himself unceremoniously at the grass and achieving for a jug of water. “To elevate us a few touring cash. ” the massive guy winked and rubbed his arms jointly in an blameless imitation of a sophisticated service provider. “How exciting,” Sturm stated, concerning his outdated good friend soberly. “And the place will your travels take you, Caramon? ” “To the Tower of excessive Sorcery,” Caramon whispered, beckoning Sturm nearer. “In Wayreth wooded area. To the 1st tremendous try of my brother’s magic. ” “Don’t you … need to be invited, Caramon? ” “That’s simply it, Sturm,” the massive guy responded. “Raistlin has been invited. He has been verified early and lengthy, they usually have came across him necessary! ” Caramon beamed and nodded towards the some distance finish of the golf green. There, in a dazzle of sun, a mild red-robed determine pivoted and murmured, darkish birds dancing in his fingers and on the hem of his garment. proven and located precious? Sturm concept as he watched the younger mage at perform. Sleight of hand, i guess, and maybe an array of mirrors and smokes. It’s no longer that simple in case you enterprise forth, as the complete eco-friendly global itself is devious and pipes mysteries at you from locations past your figuring out. It’s a tune that almost killed me. yet regardless of all of it, I nonetheless have the degree and the Oath. Sturm frowned. the concept didn't look consoling. yet i'll have had different issues, had I selected. There are offerings in the market, Raistlin. And the simplest a part of magic is so you might decide on. To the final of this and of something, you could decide upon. i am hoping you'll pick out honorably. Heedless to the arriving of his outdated good friend, the younger mage stretched his hands, shivered within the spring wind as a cloud omitted the sunlight, and climbed the stairs of the newly accomplished scaffold. It seemed like get together video games to Sturm, like a smart child’s magic convey, as bottles and birds and blue flames whisked in the course of the air and vanished. quickly a crowd started to assemble, villagers from Solace, farmers from the outlying nation-state, even a dwarf or and a curious kender, of all issues, status in the back of the group, craning to determine the occasions at the scaffold. someplace within the milling and murmuring of these kind of humans, the place the guttural feedback of the dwarves mingled with the wide accents of nation people and the melodious southern speak of Haven and Tarsis and distant Zeriak, the faint sound of a flute arose and lingered, sowing the air with promise. Epilogue Of Remembrances and lodges once again the yr grew to become, and after it one other spring, chilly and forbidding. And Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan gone through Solace. His remain was once short. Sturm’s solitary cottage used to be a section cramped and humble for a widespread Solamnic Knight, and there has been whatever in Lord Gunthar that balked on the concept of his strong friend’s son having settled underneath a thatched roof, dozing on a difficult airborne dirt and dust ground. Gunthar left provisions in the back of him and adequate silver to final the lad very easily to midsummer.

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