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By Richard Lee Byers

Aoth Fezim and his mercenary corporation have restored their tarnished acceptance and attracted new recruits for his or her depleted ranks. yet they nonetheless have one substantial challenge. Too many griffon mounts have been killed within the battles in Thay Chessenta. If “the Brotherhood of the Griffon” is to be greater than a reputation, new mounts has to be came across.
As it occurs, the masked witches in Rashemen have griffons on hand to a necessary few who can slay the undead which are committing atrocities through the land. Aoth volunteers his band, as do different teams who're out there for the combating beasts. yet issues are usually not as they appear. Epic battles among rival sellswords, berserkers, and aerial skyships punctuate this whirlwind story set in a barbaric land of oracles, nature spirits, and conversing animals.

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He sprinted towards her head, grabbed the sting of an ear, and pressed the purpose of his sword opposed to a pulsing artery within the part of her neck. “Don’t circulation! ” he gasped. “Tell the cyclopes to face down! Now, or you’re lifeless! ” She hesitated for a second, then cried, “Everyone, cease! ” It gave him a obscure type of pride that she sounded as winded as he did. while he felt convinced that she quite had stopped battling, he risked a brief look round. To his aid, all of his allies seemed to be okay. in truth, they’d killed extra cyclopes: person who Jhesrhi had it sounds as if burned to dying and one other that appeared like it had succumbed to a mix of sword cuts and bites from huge fanged jaws. The bites didn’t seem like the result of any spell that Jhesrhi or Cera used, and Aoth may in basic terms think that a few magic Zyl commanded was once liable. The surviving retainers have been decreasing their guns and backing clear of their rivals. unexpectedly the stone plugging one of many arches flew aside with a flash of silvery mild and an echoing increase, and extra cyclops warriors scrambled in the course of the breach. thankfully, they faltered once they observed Aoth’s blade at Grontaix’s throat. “Good,” he informed the giantess. “Now, everyone’s going to stick calm, you’re going to respond to a few questions, after which you’re going to escort my acquaintances and me accurately out of the following. ” “That’ll be an outstanding trick,” she gritted, “considering that I’m bleeding out. ” He learned that may really be real. “Cera, when you've got any strength left, retain her alive,” he stated. “All right,” the priestess spoke back. She stanched the rhythmic arterial spurting with a prayer and a glowing contact of her hand. “There,” acknowledged Aoth. “You see, this doesn’t have to flip grotesque. good, uglier. ” “Who are you humans? ” the fomorian growled. “Agents of the Iron Lord and the Wychlaran,” Aoth answered. “Well, no longer all of us,” stated Zyl. “It seems like my hide has outlived its usefulness, so those oafs may to boot understand who outwitted and defeated them. ” His physique contours flowed as he began shapeshifting. even though he didn’t examine himself a fantastic guy, Aoth imagined his new best friend could now stand published as a sinisterly good-looking dark-elf wizard or a significantly hideous satan. That, in any case, was once this sort of transformation that occurred in tales. therefore, he felt a mix of anticlimax and enjoyment at his personal romanticism while the black rat flowed into the form of a black hare. but when he wasn’t inspired, Grontaix was once. “You! ” she tousled. Zyl laughed as he stated, “Yes. I’ve been hiding here on your palace for months now. ” “And I think you will have a few issues to assert approximately it,” stated Aoth to his captive. “But they’ll retain. instantly, you must inform me in regards to the undead durthans, and don’t hassle denying you recognize what I’m speaking approximately. I’ve already puzzled your warrior Choschax. ” The fomorian spat. “I curse the evening the durthans got here again! ” she acknowledged. “The hathrans aren’t too chuffed approximately it, either,” stated Aoth. “But why—apart out of your current situation—do you assert that?

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