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A guy or an animal? Male or fema le? -Blonde or brunette? -Someone the following or in other places? -Top or bonom? -Was it sooner than, now or later (this ternary selection is usually damaged up into binary choices-before or now- and- now or later) ere. It occurs during this manner purely because of synchronic waves of redundancies of resonance which determine the binarism of signifying facialicy. I "see" the object, I a hundred I Tho Mocn nic subconscious recognize his everyday face and a trait, occasionally imperceptible, of my very own faciality, coming from this come upon and the "visa" of signification it supplies him. One faciality responds to a different. each influence of which means is instituted among deterritorializ. ed winks. The margins of uncertainty are therefore progressively lowered through this paintings of discernibilization and normalizing type until eventually the set of extensive structures are solely prepared. despite the fact that, a number of residual contents will proceed to flee this facial synraxization of content material. those might be listed particularly through the method of recent right names. Attaching individuated faciality features onto right names turns out ro mark the tip of a capitalistic evolution of the modes of semiorization. The speculation will be placed forth that during archaic languages every one subsrantive functioned like a formal identify and that each assertion implied a colleaive appropriarion19 of a collective faciality-landscapity. The possession or estate of a reputation, the localization of a "proper attribute" on an individuated territoriality, really turns out to lose any genuine consistency with the takeover by means of consciential elements of faciality of the set of semiotic elements. every little thing is individuated, yet not anything appears to be like right to any crew or any one. (In any occasion, we will see additional that the trendy right identify, a deterritorialized semiotic formation, will tackle a necessary position in definite diagrammatic operations. } DIAGRAMMATIC FACIALJTY characteristics Capitalistic faciality proceeds via redundancies of resonance and binary relief; diagrammatic faciality qualities continue via machinic redundancies and summary machines irreducible to facts strategies. the previous works for the subjection of wish, the latter for its unencumber. With them, we go away the realm of arborescences, simulacra and black holes of the face-landscape method for that of rhizomes. In machinic rhizomatic platforms, we tendentially no longer locate circularly aggregated eyes nor signifying layers gathering in concentric zones as within the territorialized assemblages,)() an empty eye or a superegoistic vanishing element on each horizon, yet strains of flight wearing quanta of diagrammatic probabilities. A becoming-imperceptible effaces each incarnation of the gaze. " Having misplaced its "consistency of referenc,"31 the wall of the signifier should be crossed and a brand new sort ofsemiotic holiday will be instituted ia direct touch with concerns of expression. What characterizes machinic rhizomes in comparison to territorialized assemblages is thia unmediaced relarion among platforms of coding and fabric Aows, that's the very fact thac issues of decerricorialization-che machinic indexes--are now not neutralized there yet are without delay articulated within the summary machinisms chat open up new percentages and create a "machinic destiny" for them (by desrracifying them, by means of a.

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