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By Markus Heitz

For numerous millennia, the dwarves of the Fifthling Kingdom have defended the stone gateway into Girdlegard. Many and sundry foes have hurled themselves opposed to the portal and died trying to breach it. No guy or beast has ever succeeded. in the past. . .

Abandoned as a baby, Tungdil the blacksmith labors contentedly within the land of Ionandar, the single dwarf in a nation of guys. even though he doesn't wish for acquaintances, Tungdil is particularly a lot acutely aware that he's on my own - certainly, he has no longer lots as set eyes on one other dwarf. yet all that's approximately to alter.

Sent out into the realm to carry a message and reacquaint himself along with his humans, the younger foundling reveals himself thrust right into a conflict for which he has no longer been proficient. not just his personal safeguard, however the lifetime of each guy, lady and baby in Girdlegard is dependent upon his skill to embody his historical past. even though he has many unanswered questions, Tungdil is sure of 1 factor: irrespective of the place he was once raised, he's a real dwarf.

And nobody has ever wondered the braveness of the Dwarves.

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Can’t you spot what it’s doing to you? ” Maira stated lightly. “You nonetheless have the ability to give up it, Nudin. ” “N-no,” he stammered, agitated. “No, by no means! It is aware greater than all my books prepare, greater than the entire magi and students mixed. ” His voice took on a hysterical side. “It’s what I dreamed of. Don’t you notice? There’s no selection. ” “Only since you agreed to be part of it. And what did the Perished Land call for in go back for this glorious wisdom? All Girdlegard and its population! ” Turgur laughed scornfully. “You strike a terrible cut price, my buddy. ” “None folks will help you,” Sabora whispered. She shook her silvery head. “Nudin, how may you? ” “You’ve acquired all of it wrong,” he protested, disillusioned. “It desires to aid us; it desires to shield us from damage. ” “Protect us? ” Maira signaled to the others. “No, Nudin, there's not anything extra destructive than the Perished Land. We needs to struggle it. ” She took a deep breath. “And we needs to struggle you too. ” “You fools! Do you're thinking that you could damage my buddy? ” Nudin dropped his voice to an unintelligible whisper and smote his employees opposed to the ground. The marble cracked, a deep fracture ripping throughout the stone and channeling towards the chalk circle. A heartbeat later it reached the desk. The malachite disintegrated like rock sweet in sizzling tea, crumbling right into a thousand items. Andôkai, whose immobile physique was once mendacity at the tabletop, landed seriously at the flagstones. eco-friendly shards rained round her, tinkling at the flooring, yet nonetheless she made no sound. Lot-Ionan, the phrases of a counterspell frozen on his lips, gaped with the others in horror on the wreckage. The desk, their helpful concentration item, were destroyed. He was once nonetheless gazing the glowing eco-friendly fragments while a blue fireball whooshed overhead, heading in the right direction for the treacherous magus. sooner than it might probably achieve its objective, Turgur’s fiery projectile was once torn aside via a counterspell. “For Girdlegard,” Maira shouted. “Stop the traitor! ” The sound of her voice startled Lot-Ionan into motion. laying aside his fears for his realm and his sadness at Nudin’s betrayal, he taken with the problem forward. He knew the others have been looking on his help, yet in all his 287 cycles he had by no means as soon as used his powers to kill or damage. They assailed the traitor with fireballs and lightning bolts, then joined forces for a mixed assault. Flames and projectiles bombarded Nudin’s guard and he disappeared amid the inferno. Sabora toppled the pillars on each side of him, bringing a piece of ceiling crashing to the floor. airborne dirt and dust swirled round them, obscuring their view. None of them dared to envision on Andôkai; all energies have been involved in Nudin. “Let’s have a look. ” Maira summoned a gust, propelling the dirt in the course of the open roof. because the clouds dispersed, they discovered themselves having a look into skinny air — Nudin the Knowledge-Lusty used to be long gone, yet there has been not anything to signify that he have been destroyed. “He can’t have survived,” wheezed Turgur. “It’s very unlikely. He should have —” His eyes widened in horror as he checked out his hand.

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