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By T.H. Lain

Far underneath the earth, a sinister ritual happens. A corrupt cleric seeks the attention of Gruumsh, a relic sacred to the hideous god of the orcs. opposed to him stand a scullery maid, a paladin, a clergyman of the god Pelor, and a half-orc barbarian.

Will they be enough?

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Pelor’s radiance preserves the figs positioned upon the rocks to dry, however the comparable warmth rots the figs that fall to the floor. The anvil of Heironeous can mood a blade for conflict or rework it right into a shovel. Dried figs and rotten, shovels and swords, all have their position during this international. nonetheless, I’d relatively devour dried figs than rotten ones, and I’d really hold a sword than a shovel into conflict. So, back, I ask even if you search revenge, restitution, or attractiveness? ” Jozan proudly replied that his quest was once for justice. “Justice? ” beamed the older priest. “Then you’ve come to the proper temple. ” He smiled enigmatically and went directly to ask, “Did you no longer suggest to claim Grace instead of Justice? in spite of everything, this fallen cleric is considered one of Pelor’s personal. Are you no longer all little ones of Grace? ” “What do you suggest? ” retorted Jozan. “Even notwithstanding Pelor selected Calmet, Calmet has selected opposed to Pelor. ” “But is it attainable to decide on opposed to Pelor? ” Jozan’s head reeled. The outdated priest’s philosophy, the pain in his leg, and the heavy incense swirling close to the altar pounded within the more youthful cleric’s mind. His imaginative and prescient blurred and he swayed a little bit on his ft, then reached out a hand to regular himself opposed to a pillar. whilst Jozan’s imaginative and prescient cleared, he was once stunned to work out that he and the priest of Heironeous weren't by myself. a 3rd individual rested in the much-neglected chapel. no matter if she have been there all alongside, hidden in shadow, or had simply entered, Jozan didn’t recognize. She reminded him of reports of the everlasting warriors of Ysgard, an ideal combination of power and well-toned good looks. Jozan couldn’t know how he can have neglected her. Had she been kneeling on the altar, or did she all of sudden look like a Celestial? The cleric had a discomfiting feeling because the lady raised her eyes and moved her arms with hands dealing with up. Her outstretched fingers shaped a semicircle encompassing either clergymen. Jozan felt as though he have been being scrutinized with waves of divine strength, as though somebody or anything used to be peering into his soul trying to find facts of goodness or evil cause. After a protracted minute of focus, the girl appeared chuffed along with her divination and spoke. rather than the melodious chimes of the supernal voice he anticipated, he heard the quiet, convinced voice of a human. “I am Alhandra. I serve Heironeous. ” Jozan knew he may still reply, yet he felt his common calm and self belief desolate tract him. Any notice might pop out as a stammer. Mercifully, the girl persevered, “The one you search could be close by. The locals inform of a one-eyed cleric, occasionally visible within the hills past the village of Pergue. he's stated to put on the solitary eye of Gruumsh, intentionally shaped from what used to be a silver solar image of Pelor. ” “That’s him,” shouted Jozan with pleasure, “it needs to be! ” “Take warning, soldier of the sun,” warned the previous priest. “You could be expert within the secrets and techniques of your order, yet Calmet will bend the very brightness of Pelor into your eyes. he'll blind you with questions opposed to your personal religion. ” ahead of Jozan may well ask what the previous priest intended, Alhandra spoke back.

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