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By Brian Jacques

New York Times bestselling writer Brian Jacques masterfully recounts extra forest adventures in the 7th epic within the Redwall series!

It has been 4 seasons due to the fact that Mariel, the warrior-mouse daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker, and her better half, Dandin, trigger from Redwall to struggle evil in Mossflower. not anything has been heard of them due to the fact. Then one evening, in a dream, the mythical Martin the Warrior involves the Bellmaker with a mysterious message. essentially, Mariel and Dandin are in grave risk. Joseph and 4 Redwallers trigger instantly to help them. As they push over land and sea, they can not comprehend the poor threats they face. Will the Bellmaker and his partners arrive in time to assist Mariel and Dandin?

"This is storytelling at its best."—School Library Journal

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The shrew Chieftain needed to shout on the sea otter to be heard above the gale. ‘Are y’sure you recognize what you’re doin’, Galedeep? ’ Finnbarr laughed like a madbeast. ‘Yahaharr! I’ve wrung extra salt water out o’ me whiskers than that lot ’ave sailed on. depart it t’me! preserve these starboard sails slack an’ this rudder ’ard over. whilst I supplies the observe then pile the starboard sail again on an’ slack off the larboard sail, an’ swing this tiller over for all yore worthy, matey. Joseph, get our team up within the riggin’, inform ’em to face through. Rosie, marm, ’ow remote is Shalloo now? ’ Hon Rosie sloshed her means as much as the excessive stern. ‘Less than 40 shiplengths, bearing down speedy, previous factor! ’ Her voice was once bring to a halt as Durry and Rufe fell from the rigging and clung tight to her neck, wailing. ‘We’ll by no means see Redwall back! ’ ‘We’re goin’ t’fall off the sea’s area into that pit! ’ Foremole and Joseph untangled them, the mole not able to rip his eyes from the maelstrom, which used to be hardly ever greater than six shiplengths off now. ‘Boi okey, ee must’ve be’d a gurt seabeast to dig an’ ’ole loik that’n, whurr, lookit ’er! ’ Pearl Queen virtually tottering near to the whirling water tunnel now. The terrifying greeny-grey partitions revolved at a wide ranging velocity, a gaping gap achieving down, down, into mysterious darkness. Joseph boosted Rufe and Durry aloft. ‘Come on, you , I’ll climb up there with you. test to not examine the whirlpool and maintain your ears pinned again for Galedeep’s orders. Up you move! ’ ‘Finnbarr, right here she comes,’ Rosie’s voice rose above the mêlée. ‘Shalloo’s sailin’ instantly at us, she’ll strike the centre of our send quickly. glance out! ’ Expertly Rosie stuck the 1st grappling hook that shot out from Shalloo’s bows and hurled it again, ducking a volley of arrows. Cap’n Strapp’s jubilant roars rang above the thunder of the golf green Maelstrom. ‘Lay on, buckoes, she’s ours, she’s ours! ’ all at once Finnbarr was once swinging the tiller over, calling out his orders: ‘Lash these starboard sails tight, enable the wind seize ’er. Rosie, lend a paw in this tiller with me’n Log a Log! You shrews up there, glance clever, slack off the sails at the larboard facet. flow yerselves! ’ Durry laboured furiously, attempting to get his chilly, spray-soaked paws to paintings at the ropes. Joseph toiled along him. Rufe’s footpaws left the yardarm momentarily as a sail stuck the wind and billowed out. ‘What’s the ocean otter doin’, Joseph sir,’ he cried, ‘larboard, starboard, slack off an’ tighten up, pushin’ that tiller factor the following an’ there, I don’t unnerstand none of it. ’ The Bellmaker’s weatherbeaten face creased right into a grim smile. ‘Nor do I, younger un. That’s the object approximately being team, we’re now not right here to appreciate, simply to obey orders. although i feel Finnbarr has left it too overdue. Duck! ’ Arrows hissed viciously overhead because the 3 ducked. The searats of the Shalloo have been just a boatslength away. They crowded the bows in their send, snarling as they fired arrows and whirled grappling hooks. Finnbarr held the tiller not easy over as Rosie and Log a Log secured it in place with a rope halter.

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