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By Pedram Khosronejad

Shi'i Islam has been the legitimate faith of Iran from the Safavids (1501-1732) to the current day. The Shi'i international event has supplied a wealthy creative culture, encompassing portray, sculpture, and the creation of artifacts and function, which has helped to embed Shi'i identification in Iran as a part of its nationwide narrative. In what parts of fabric tradition has Iranian Shi'ism manifested itself via items or structures which are particular in the total tradition of Islam? To what quantity is the paintings and structure of Iran from the Safavid interval onwards identifiably Shi'i? What does this say concerning the courting of kingdom, kingdom, and religion in Iran? the following, prime specialists hint the fabric history of Iranian Shi'ism inside of every one of its political, non secular, and cultural dimensions.
This booklet is released through I.B. Tauris in organization with the Iran historical past Foundation.

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