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Spells & Spellcraft is the fourth quantity in fable Flight’s Legends & Lairs line of d20 approach sourcebooks. This 176-page hardcover publication will supply rankings of recent arcane and divine spells, new feats, ideas for alchemical study and arcane libraries, and principles for brand new magical traditions. Spells & Spellcraft could be a useful source for either avid gamers of spellcasting characters and DMs seeking to extend the limits of magic of their campaigns.

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Fabric parts: 3 handbells and a block of limestone upon which the thing will be positioned. arrangements: The holy merchandise needs to be put on the block of limestone with widening circles of dust smeared round it. The rite: The rite starts in the dark with the druids chanting prayers of peace. every one druid jewelry one bell and walks round the holy merchandise counter-clockwise. After quarter-hour, all 3 druids flip, face the holy merchandise, and forged melt earth and stone at the limestone. because the holy merchandise slowly sinks into the limestone, the druids go back to strolling and ringing the bells, purely this time they flow clockwise round the merchandise. After 15 extra mins, the druids flip back and forged produce flame to harden the limestone and solidify the holy merchandise inside of. The druids then go back to strolling and ringing the bells in a counter-clockwise course. After 15 extra mins, the druids cease, face the holy merchandise, and solid name lightning at the limestone. If the holy merchandise isn't really too robust, the lightning destroys the object besides the stone. Ritual DC: 28. eighty one CHAPTER : The Craft of Magic Paladin Ceremonies eighty two Paladins are warriors for justice and consequently stroll a tough direction. so much paladins have a shopper deity who offers them tips and energy. every one deity has ideas and codes that the paladin needs to uphold that allows you to preserve his powers. it's a strict existence, yet a superb one if you happen to can stroll it. As champions of stricture and lawfulness, paladins have the main formal ceremonies of all of the divine characters. a few paladin ceremonies are defined less than. Paladin Leveling rite while a paladin achieves sufficient adventure to enhance a degree, he may well practice a leveling rite. the good thing about appearing the leveling rite is that the shopper deity frequently rewards its humble servant. The paladin may well obtain the whole hit issues attainable for the recent point, a paranormal merchandise, an advantage to a capability, or the other attainable gift. person rewards are as much as the DM, and more often than not they replicate a few element of the paladin’s god. after all, putting oneself in judgment dangers the displeasure of a shopper besides. If the DM thinks that the paladin has no longer lived as much as his code then he may perhaps penalize the nature in a roundabout way. Caster specifications: A paladin who has obtained sufficient adventure to realize a degree. Time requisites: This rite lasts hours. position standards: A temple to the deity of the paladin. fabric elements: The paladin needs to donate not less than 10% of his wealth to the temple at which the rite is played. arrangements: Upon attaining adequate adventure for a brand new point, the paladin pronounces that he needs to accomplish a leveling rite. He doesn't move up a brand new point at the moment and gets no new event till discovering a temple to his deity. The rite: The paladin needs to input the temple and make his donation. The rite starts because the paladin is going to the top altar, gets rid of any helmet or hat, and areas his guns at the flooring. The paladin prays for 2 hours giving thank you for his braveness, strength, and the benefits of the deity.

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