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By Takayo Kiyota, Tama-chan

There needs to nonetheless be loads of "hidden fascinating things" in what we event in daily life. i used to be pondering approximately my very own unique sort via utilizing commonly used photos which every person knows.

In a handy glossy state like Japan the place you should purchase something in a store, or even notwithstanding humans have eaten a Sushi Roll, few humans together with me have made it themselves. sooner or later, I observed a Sushi Roll with a trend at the floor and notion it might be very fascinating if i'll draw freely on that floor. So, I tried.

But while i really began to make the Sushi Roll, i discovered that the development at the floor stepped clear of my expectation. This used to be simply because its development is dependent upon the amount of vinegared rice, the way in which of slicing the components, the format of the parts, the strain utilized while rolling etc. in the meantime, i started to imagine that overcoming the very 'uncontrollability' in drawing patters truly ends up in coming as regards to assembly my goals.

Even now, we're having fun with being shocked via unforeseen strains and shapes rising at the reduce floor. Then we 'eat it'.
As as a result of this strategy I named those interesting Sushi Rolls because the 'Smiling Sushi Roll' which has the message of 'making it with a grin, viewing it with a grin, and consuming it with a smile.'
While I advertise an 'edible art' made from rice and seaweed, i'm going to proceed tough universal wisdom and standard ideas.

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