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By William Faulkner

This sequel to Faulkner’s such a lot sensational, Sanctuary, used to be written 20 years later yet takes up the tale of Temple Drake 8 years after the occasions comparable in Sanctuary. Temple is now married to Gowan Stevens. The booklet starts while the demise sentence is said at the nurse Nancy for the homicide of Temple and Gowan’s baby. advised partially in prose, partially in play shape, Requiem for a Nun is a haunting exploration of the effect of the previous at the present.

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I used to be telling Uncle Gavin that he had anything of Virginia or a few kind of gentleman in him too that he should have inherited from you thru your grandfather, and that I’m going as much as supply Bucky his tub and supper. (she touches the glass for warmth, then takes it up: to Gowan) thanks, expensive. GOWAN correct, pricey. (to Stevens) you notice? not only a serviette: the fitting serviette. That’s how I’m educated. (he stops unexpectedly, noticing Temple, who has performed not anything it sounds as if: simply status there conserving the milk. yet he turns out to understand what's going: to her) What’s this for? TEMPLE I dont be aware of. He strikes; they kiss, now not lengthy yet now not a peck both; certainly a kiss among a guy and a lady. Then, sporting the milk, Temple crosses towards the corridor door. TEMPLE (to Stevens) see you later then until eventually subsequent June. Bucky will ship you and Maggie a postcard. (she is going directly to the door, pauses and appears again at Stevens) i could also be mistaken approximately Temple Drake’s scent too; should you may still take place to listen to whatever you haven’t heard but and it’s actual, i'll even ratify it. perhaps you may as well think that—if you could think you will listen whatever that you simply haven’t heard but. STEVENS Do you? TEMPLE (after a second) no longer from me, Uncle Gavin. If a person desires to visit heaven, who am I to prevent them? Goodnight. so long. She exits, closes the door. Stevens, very grave, turns again and units his highball down at the tray. GOWAN Drink up. in any case, I’ve acquired to consume supper and perform a little packing too. How approximately it? STEVENS approximately what? the packing, or the drink? What approximately you? i presumed you have been going to have one. GOWAN Oh, yes, certain. (takes up the small stuffed glass) possibly you had greater cross on and depart us to our revenge. STEVENS I want it will possibly convenience you. GOWAN I desire to God it may possibly. I desire to God that what i wished was once basically revenge. a watch for an eye—were ever phrases emptier? in simple terms, you've got to have misplaced the attention to grasp it. STEVENS but she nonetheless has to die. GOWAN Why no longer? whether she will be any loss—a nigger whore, a drunkard, a dope-fiend— STEVENS —a vagabond, a tramp, hopeless till at some point Mr and Mrs Gowan Stevens out of easy pity and humanity picked her up out of the gutter to offer her yet another probability— (Gowan stands immobile, his hand tightening slowly in regards to the glass. Stevens watches him) after which in go back for it— GOWAN glance, Uncle Gavin. Why dont you opt for God’s sake domestic? Or to hell, or anyplace out of right here? STEVENS i'm, in a minute. Is that why you think—why you are going to nonetheless say she has to die? GOWAN I dont. I had not anything to do with it. I wasn’t even the plaintiff. I didn’t even instigate—that’s the notice, isn’t it? —the swimsuit. My purely reference to it used to be, I occurred unintentionally to be the daddy of the kid she—Who in hell ever known as drink? He dashes the whiskey, glass and all, into the ice bowl, speedy catches up one of many empty tumblers in a single hand and whilst, tilts the whiskey bottle over it, pouring. first and foremost he makes no sound, yet immediately it truly is noticeable that he's giggling: laughter which starts off ordinarily sufficient, yet shortly it truly is out of hand, simply on hysteria, whereas he nonetheless pours whiskey into the glass, which in a second now will overflow, other than that Stevens reaches his hand and grasps the bottle and prevents it.

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