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By J. Robert King

The 1st wave is over, however the invasion rages on.

In the midst of an all-out battle, the floor shifts and strikes. Milliions upon thousands of invaders look out of nowhere because the synthetic aircraft of Rath overlays Dominaria, protecting the typical panorama with the unnatural horros of Phyrexia.

There is not any relaxation for the depraved.

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All of the detritus of the lake spiraled towards the churning mound at its middle. an extended send plunged into that house. It dived prow-first into the flood. In a second, it used to be long gone. hot water struck Eladamri's face. His colos's hooves splashed in a steaming tide. The flood was once overtaking them. It raced out atop the glacier quicker than the steeds might run. simply forward, the water poured right into a deep crevasse. past, the ice used to be dry and strong. using his mount towards the crack, Eladamri waved for the others to stick with. Hooves got here down at the fringe of the crevasse. The colos leaped. It hurled itself off the cascade. Water plunged to darkness. Wind whipped the pelts of the jumping beasts. while they soared above the crack, the water at its base rose alarmingly upward. The colos stretched their hooves for the a long way facet. 167 Planeshift Eladamri's mount touched down with a crackle of ice, simply sooner than Liin Sivi's steed. They bounded ahead, clear of the flooding canyon. the opposite elves had made the jump besides. ultimately, they'd reliable footing. just a region mile forward fled the remainder of their humans. The loudest blast but rocked the glacier. It made a legitimate like thunder. Ice dropped away underneath the colos's hooves, stranding them in air. They jolted down upon a steep slope and controlled another jump. Cracks ripped around the ice. White chunks spun into the air. Water gushed up the empty areas. The ice disintegrated. while subsequent the colos got here down, there has been not anything to face on. They plunged right into a deep, sizzling sea. Water closed over their heads. Churning large hooves, the beasts drove themselves towards a floor crowded with ice shards. They butted the stuff apart and lifted their heads above the flood. Shaking water from his hair, Eladamri observed there will be no break out. The churning sea used to be surrounded by way of sheer ice partitions. large chunks of glacier calved off, crashing into the flood. The useless and the demise have been shoved between icebergs in a present that spiraled inward. now not used to be there a mound of water on the middle of the ocean yet just a nice, sucking blackness. It drew every thing down—siege engines and ruined ships and hunks of the shattered Necropolis. It drew each person. Phyrexian and Keldon and elf.... "Sivi! " Eladamri yelled. once more, she was once correct beside him, her mount treading water. He pointed to the whirlpool. "Any principles? " "Drive those beasts towards shore. " With a nod, he indicated the ice cliffs. "That's shore, and they might by no means make it by contrast present. " "We've bought to aim. we have now to stick jointly. " 168 J. Robert King "Yes," Eladamri stated, achieving throughout to grip her hand. "We've obtained to stick jointly. " 169 Planeshift bankruptcy 19 Homecomings Smoke rolled into the black sky over Kaldroom. Even the burning Phyrexian laboratory didn't gentle the darkness. Its glow was once sucked away into soot. in simple terms Weatherlight's ray cannons lit the scene. Docked at the garrison grounds, she hurled fireplace to the far away hills. The blasts cooked Phyrexians anywhere they accrued. among send and Phyrexians lay a minotaur military.

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