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By Bernard Malamud

This can be the tale in paintings of the painter Arthur Fidelman, born within the Bronx and spending years of his existence in Italy--Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice--pursuing his tumultuous profession via event and misadventure. What might be kept him from catastrophe (Fidelman is a comic book hero whose each subsequent step is a capture sprung via undesirable success as if his success have been stable) is that he stored his finger in paintings, maybe with no figuring out it looking "perfection of the life" in addition to the paintings. Six photographs of Fidelman include an exhibition.

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Fidelman desk of Contents identify web page Epigraph 1 2 three four five 6 Copyright web page 1 Fidelman, a self-confessed failure as a painter, got here to Italy to organize a serious examine of Giotto, the hole bankruptcy of which he had carried around the ocean in a brand new pigskin leather-based short case, now gripped in his perspiring hand. additionally new have been his gum-soled oxblood footwear, a tweed go well with he had on regardless of the late-September sunlight slanting sizzling within the Roman sky, even if there has been a lighter one in his bag; and a dacron blouse and set of cotton-dacron lingerie, strong for fast and simple washing for the traveller. His suitcase, a cumbersome two-strapped affair which embarrassed him a little, he had borrowed from his sister Bessie. He deliberate, if he had any money left on the finish of the yr, to shop for a brand new one in Florence. even if he have been in now not a lot of a temper whilst he had left the U. S. A. , Fidelman picked up in Naples, and for the time being, as he stood in entrance of the Rome railroad station, after twenty mins nonetheless absorbed in his first sight of the everlasting urban, he was once aware of a definite exaltation that devolved on him after he had stumbled on at once around the many-vehicled piazza the continues to be of the Baths of Diocletian. Fidelman remembered having learn that Michelangelo had helped in changing the baths right into a church and convent, the latter finally became the museum that shortly used to be there. “Imagine,” he muttered. “Imagine all that background. ” in the middle of his imagining, Fidelman skilled the feeling of all at once seeing himself as he was once, to the pinpoint, outdoors and in, now not with out bittersweet excitement; and because the recognized picture of his face rose earlier than him he used to be taken by way of the intensity of natural feeling in his eyes, a bit of magnified by means of glasses, and the sensitivity of his elongated nostrils and sometimes tremulous lips, nostril divided from lips through a mustache of modern classic that seemed, Fidelman concept, as though it were sculptured there, including to his dignified visual appeal even supposing he was once a bit at the brief facet. virtually on the comparable second, this all at once extreme feel of his being—it used to be greater than appearance—faded, exaltation having long past the place exaltation is going, and Fidelman grew to become acutely aware that there has been an external resource to the unusual, virtually tri-dimensional mirrored image of himself he had felt in addition to obvious. at the back of him, a quick distance to the appropriate, he had spotted a stranger—give a skeleton a number of pounds—loitering close to a bronze statue on a stone pedestal of the heavy-dugged Etruscan wolf suckling the baby Romulus and Remus, the fellow considering Fidelman already acquisitively in order to recommend to the vacationer that he have been reflected (lock, inventory, barrel) within the other’s gaze for your time, probably for the reason that he had stepped off the teach. Casually learning him notwithstanding pretending no, Fidelman beheld somebody of approximately his personal top, oddly wearing brown knickers and black knee-length woolen socks drawn up over a little bit bowed, broomstick legs, those grounded in small porous pointed sneakers.

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