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By Joshua J. Frost

  • Once a sprawling empire and the most important bastion of humanity within the internal Sea sector, Taldor has crumbled into decadance and break. whereas the country is a shadow of its former glory, many stay who might see their liked native land lower back to its right position of energy. but no longer all who search Taldor’s revival accomplish that for noble purposes.
  • Specifically designed to aid gamers of the Pathfinder Society international geared up play crusade, this Pathfinder spouse serves as a useful source for someone who needs to run a crusade during this historic land. New magic, personality characteristics, a status classification, and extra wait for within!

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17 The Brotherhood’s major chapterhouse is found the following, and it’s rumored that the big and influential thieves’ guild owns lots of the district. Eastport: The smaller of Oppara’s ports, Eastport is divided from higher Westport via the large spans and buildings of the Grand Bridge of the Empire. essentially used to obtain river site visitors coming in from as far-off as Sardis Township within the Porthmos hole, this dock district is the poorer of the 2. such a lot of Eastport’s buildings are made up of wooden, a incontrovertible fact that makes it stand out in Oppara shortly, and the district has burned to the floor two times within the final hundred years—both occasions less than mysterious conditions. Grandbridge: the biggest and such a lot important district of the capital stretches the whole width of Oppara simply outdoor the 2 dock districts. Grandbridge is a mercantile district of globally renown and is full of warehouses, factories, buying squares, open-air markets, foreign money exchanges, and import/export corporations. the place the district touches the River Porthmos on the cut up span of the Grand Bridge of the Empire is a big open sq. that on so much days is full of makeshift stalls, tables, and tents—Oppara’s famed grey marketplace. Imperial sq.: domestic to Grand Princes of the empire due to the fact Oppara’s founding, Imperial sq. is termed after the exquisitely tiled, open-air sq. that surrounds the Imperial Palace on each side for a number of blocks in all instructions. Many participants of the royalty retain flats the following to stick as regards to the Grand Prince, and this filthy rich district is basically made from a cottage equipped round offering the palace with every thing it wishes. As such, the superior areas to buy foodstuff, garments, fingers, and kit are available the following. Jadrishar Island: The headquarters of the Taldan Imperial military occupies the whole lot of this island district. positioned simply off the west coast of Oppara with complete perspectives of all river site visitors, Jadrishar Island is surrounded by means of thick, blackened stone partitions. Its one gate at the south part of the island is a castle unto itself, and somebody touring via it passes underneath dozens of homicide holes, traverses well-marked pits and traps, and notices the arrow slits that line the interior. Taldor’s Imperial Naval university can be situated at the island, and the empire’s best send captains educate the following for four years prior to incomes a fee as a lieutenant on considered one of Taldor’s capital ships. The River safeguard additionally continues an academy right here, yet it’s small, now not good looked, and considerably underfunded in comparison to the remainder of the army. huge, well-guarded docks line the southern shore of the island, and dozens of Taldor’s biggest warships can continually be came across at anchor there. Lionsgate: because the major gate of the town, Lionsgate (area 14) itself is a wide ranging constitution, produced from 17 COMPANION huge, immense stone towers crowned via 50-foot-tall lively statues of roaring lions. even though they spend lots of the day roaring silently, at midday on Oathsday either lions set free a bone-jarring roar that echoes around the capital.

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