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By Wayne Reynolds, Paizo Publishing

Discover the forbidden reaches of the treacherous Darkmoon Vale, a fey-haunted desert at the outskirts of civilization. Face-off opposed to the diabolical forces of the scary Kobold King, discover the traditional dwarven dungeons of Droskar's Crag, and confront a cabal of evil druids during this detail-packed local sourcebook for the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade atmosphere. The lumber-town of Falcon's hole holds lethal secrets and techniques of its personal, and cruel orcs and hobgoblins from the neighboring mountains glance upon its modest riches with lethal envy. an ideal locale for low-level adventuring, Darkmoon Vale and its secrets and techniques are laid naked for gamers and online game masters alike!

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At 28,822 toes, Droskar’s Crag is the top top in Andoran and the top identified lively volcano on this planet. even though it maintains to emit intermittent puffs of smoke from its craters, dwarven volcanologists guarantee involved Andoren voters significant eruption isn't forthcoming. simple records: Droskar Crag’s South top (sometimes referred to as the Hammer) rises to 28,822 toes. Its North height (also known as the Anvil) stands at 28,305 ft, with a prominence of 404 ft. The South top is made from the remnants of Droskar Crag’s pre-3980 elevation, whereas the North top rises via approximately 1-1/2 toes every year and caps the volcano’s major energetic crater (called Rovagug’s Caldera). The low zone among the 2 peaks—Softiron Saddle—forms the excessive, southern rim of Rovagug’s Caldera (the low, northern rim having been subsumed by means of the expansion of the Anvil). as well as the huge major crater, Droskar’s Crag additionally has a smaller energetic crater on its southwest face—Torag’s Mouth—which nonetheless sometimes belches forth puffs of steam and ash and which acts because the “headwater” of Torag’s Breath (see 5 Kings Mountains). Geologic historical past: Droskar’s Crag (then referred to as Torag’s Crag) final erupted in any significant method in 3980, whilst a robust eruption (which both prompted or used to be because of a strong earthquake) begun a sequence of blasts and quakes referred to as the Rending. because the Rending, the volcano has calmed and began rebuilding its sloughed-off northern face. The mountain virtually regularly belches forth ash and steam, performing as a continuing reminder of the continentaffecting strength it might probably unharness. sooner than the Rending, Droskar’s Crag existed in a nation of dormancy lasting because the starting of written historical past within the zone. a few facts exists that means that sooner than its eruption, the volcano continuously additional to its top through pushing up magma right into a reservoir of slowly cooling rock slightly below its top (prior to the Rending the volcano had just one precise peak). This presence of magma supplied extra heat to the dwarves residing underneath it of their urban of Jernashall. cost background: Dwarves first settled Droskar’s Crag on the top in their racial energy throughout the Age 12 of Darkness. A small military of spelunkers, miners, and squaddies exploring the 5 Kings Mountains stumbled on the striking top and made up our minds to discover its percentages. As is their method, the dwarves first delved into the facet of the mountain to get a suppose for its mining worth, volcanic balance, and geologic historical past. After pointing out the mountain quite secure and value mining, they improved their preliminary diggings to set up the dwarven plug of Jernashall. utilizing Jernashall as a shielding element and cultural hub, the dwarves explored the encompassing region. They validated the skin urban of Raseri Kanton simply down slope from Jernashall as a buying and selling submit and outlying strongpoint. For greater than 5 centuries, the dwarves toiled to extend Jernashall and draw at the wealthy veins of mithral, gold, iron, and copper deep in the mountain’s inside.

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