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By Jason Bulmahn, Richard Pett, James L. Sutter

  • In the 3 many years because the start of myth roleplaying, a number of creatures precise to gaming have burst into dungeon corridors and trapped treasure chambers, desirous to consume intrepid explorers and adventurers. Dungeon Denizens Revisited provides an in-depth examine ten of those strange creatures, from the starving otyugh to the gargantuan red malicious program. examine the misplaced secrets and techniques of rust monsters, owlbears, and ropers, and enjoyment at new makes use of for the mysterious mimic or the disgusting gelatinous dice. all the book’s ten chapters provides a dungeon denizen’s background, lore, ecological conduct, and schemes, with lots of recommendation on the way to use the creatures successfully in an RPG crusade — or easy methods to kill them of their treacherous lairs.

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Clever dungeon denizens might endure the presence of a dice within reach as a parent and janitor, and its sq. form makes it most excellent to different oozes, as even an easy stone door can simply block it from getting into definite rooms. maybe the computers were employed to f ind an adventurer who lately disappeared within the neighborhood cave approach and get well his ancestral sword, which could now be chanced on f loating within the depths of a gelatinous dice. different inventive makes use of could make a gelatinous dice a better possibility. as a result of a cube’s transparency, it may possibly now not be with no trouble obvious to green adventurers what risk they really face. A protect suspended in a dice may appear to be putting at the wall at the back of it, giving grasping adventurers a foul shock. A swimsuit of absorbed armor, possibly with a faint magical glow, may perhaps seem like a ghostly f igure in a darkened hall (see D1: Crown of the Kobold King for an instance of this tactic). because of its gradual velocity, a gelatinous dice is well refrained from as soon as its presence is understood. Canny dungeon designers might include cubes into traps to handle this shortcoming. a clumsy rogue who falls via a spring-loaded trapdoor right into a 10-foot-square pit f illed with a gelatinous dice is in a few difficulty till his partners can figure out tips to achieve him. extra risky are traps that drop a dice on most sensible of the celebration. Treasure Gelatinous cubes don't acquire treasure. They do, even though, take in valuables as they sweep via their lairs, and the indigestible is still of previous sufferers can stay suspended in a dice for weeks till they're expelled from the creature’s physique. A gelatinous cube’s treasure is composed completely of varied cash (1/10th the traditional quantity) in addition to items and goods made up of stone or steel. guns, metal armor, gem stones, jewellery, or even the occasional potion in a steel or glass f lask are all prone to be present in a cube’s lair, or in the dice itself. three Ooze-Hunting apparatus Ooze-hunting rangers and underground explorers have built a number of alchemical and magical goods to guard them from ooze assaults. Alkali flask: it is a flask of caustic liquid that reacts with an ooze’s normal acids. you could throw an alkali flask as a dash weapon. deal with this assault as a ranged contact assault with a spread increment of 10 toes. a right away hit offers 1d6 issues of acid harm. each creature inside five toes of the purpose the place the acid hits takes 1 aspect of acid harm from the splash. Oozes and different acid-based creatures take double harm from the flask. rate 15 gp; necessities Craft (alchemy) DC 20; Weight 1 lb. Alkali salt: those tiny granules might be dissolved in water, making a slimy fabric used to coat steel goods resembling guns or armor. this sort of coating neutralizes the metaleating acid of black puddings and grey oozes, conserving the object from 1d3 contacts with an ooze’s acidic contact. rate 30 gp; specifications Craft (alchemy) DC 20. Ooze grease: This alchemical concoction could be unfold over a Medium or Small creature’s physique as a full-round motion.

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