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By F. Wesley Schneider

  • The such a lot scary terrors of fable gaming have deep roots in heritage, mythology, and pop culture. From the seductive attract of the vampire to the fierce fury of the werewolf, Classic Horrors Revisited spotlights 10 of the spookiest, scariest monsters of the sport, supplying context, principles, and a bunch of principles that breathe new existence (and occasionally unlife) into time-honored creatures that all-too usually will be uncommonly boring.
  • Written by means of the macabre dealing with Editor of the Pathfinder event Paths, F. Wesley Schneider, Classic Horrors Revisited features interesting takes at the derro, flesh golem, gargoyle, ghost, ghoul, hag, mummy, vampire, werewolf, and zombie.

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Aye, and she’ll drag ye down ’neath the waves and feature her manner with ye prior to ye drown,” one other provides. a lady mending her husband’s nets tells her baby to be sturdy, “or the witch’ll are available the evening and take ye out of your mattress, throw ye into her stew and make a scarf out of your skin,” leaving the terrible lady wide awake lengthy into the evening, staring wide-eyed and worried into the darkish. And for sturdy reason—for in children’s tales lie truths that grownup minds dare no longer recognize. —From people stories of the misplaced Coast 34 Hag I f dryads, nymphs, and sprites signify the grace and wonder of unspoiled nature, then without doubt the annis hag, eco-friendly hag, and sea hag include its savage, harmful facet. although now not fey themselves, hags seem to be in some way tied to nature, no matter if not more than as a distorted ref lection of it. Hags are foul, depraved creatures, warped with cruelty and evil. Uniformly woman and continually repulsive, those misshapen crones plot darkish deeds over effervescent cauldrons, both singly or in sinister triads referred to as covens. Hags have seemed in stories relationship again to the earliest a long time of background, major many sages to invest that hags could have come from the 1st international some time past. The famed Taldan student Nikephoros of Oppara even went as far as to assert that hags have been as soon as attractive, benevolent fey themselves, who have been cursed for his or her self-importance and fell from grace, changing into the twisted crones they're this present day, yet his claims are largely discredited. even if the particular specifics in their beginning are unknown, not anyone can deny that a few hags are historical past reckoning. crafty and devious, they're the remnants of an prior age, possessed of powers that few now comprehend and that almost all humans worry. sour and green with envy that the area has handed them by means of, hags search revenge on all dwelling issues, yet concentration their rage specially on these of serious attractiveness or purity. Annis hags, often referred to as black hags or iron hags, are the main robust in their sort. Annis are likely to disdain the malevolent machinations in their sister hags, who prefer to enjoy extra visceral pleasures comparable to torture and homicide. Their warty pores and skin proves proof against harm and their iron claws are able to shredding these unlucky adequate to fall into their clutches. Annis may be able to cloak themselves in cloying mists or phantasm, showing as innocuous kids, damsels in misery, or smooth fey creatures to entice their unsuspecting prey to their dooms. even supposing weaker than their annis sisters, eco-friendly hags command various magic powers. they're stealthy and misleading, who prefer to govern from the shadows, their insidious whispers and uncanny mimicry riding males to insanity and the natural of middle to blasphemy. greater than any of the hags, eco-friendly hags hate issues of attractiveness and paintings tirelessly to damage or despoil them. whereas they like to strike from hiding, eco-friendly hags are able to maintaining their very own in strive against, and their claws sap the energy of someone they contact. Sea hags are the main hideous participants of the hag sisterhood—just looking at upon their terrible visual appeal can carry a powerful guy to his knees.

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