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By Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs

The interesting international of the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game comes alive during this colossal 320-page, full-color hardcover crusade surroundings! totally revised to compare the hot Pathfinder RPG ideas, this definitive quantity includes accelerated insurance of the forty+ countries on this planet of Golarion's internal Sea sector, from ruin-strewn Varisia within the north to the sweltering jungles of the Mwangi Expanse within the south to crashed sky towns, savage frontier kingdoms, strong city-states, and every little thing in-between. A large evaluate of Golarion's gods and religions, new personality talents, magic goods, and monsters flesh out the realm for either gamers and video game Masters. Plus, a stunning poster map unearths the lands of the internal Sea in all their treacherous glory.

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As such, Isger’s steward, Hedvend VI, elected to allocate the remnants of his forces fullyyt to the security of the Conerica River and the roadways that skirt its banks, guarding the dear f low of exchange items. thus, he surrendered a lot of the encompassing hinterland to banditry. The steward’s brokers published bounties on brigand leaders, hoping to resolve his difficulties at the reasonable via luring in warriors determined for paintings to avoid wasting the burnt-out villages scattered round the nation-state. the decision continues to be out as to if Isger’s try and agreement out its protection can increase its determined state of affairs, yet so long as exchange alongside the river maintains to f low, the steward doesn't appear overly involved. The Goblinblood Wars left at the back of hordes of Isgeri orphans, and the resultant years of unchecked bandit raids purely served to additional swell the variety of undesirable, homeless youths. Tragically, the one establishment to answer the mounting concern used to be the church of Asmodeus. Cheliax’s condominium of Thrune put in a couple of monasteries around the Isgeri nation-state to assemble, feed, and dress orphaned little ones, all of the whereas co-opting them into their darkish fold. the main popular of those monasteries is the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes. The sisterhood baptizes rescued youths with unholy water and drills them from an early age within the fundamentals of infernal politics and philosophies, ultimately extending their education to unique, difficultto-master martial arts. Upon achieving maturity, girl orphans usually aspire to affix the ranks of the sisterhood itself, whereas men are likely to both search admission to an order of Hellknights or locate their calling within the priesthood of Asmodeus. 2 within the shadow of the Goblinblood Wars, although, a brand new peril looks development in war-torn Isger—a plague of undead. a variety of small villages that border the desert have already fallen to numerous plagues of unlife, and rumors persist that whereas the kingdom used to be distracted within the struggle opposed to the hobgoblins, robust necromancers or monks of Urgathoa took benefit of the chaos to entrench themselves in quite a few distant ruins and caverns. the main conspiracy-minded of Isger’s electorate glance no additional than the mysterious and sinister girl Kaltessa Iyis, a robust diabolist rumored to have greater than commonly used ties to the archdevil Mammon. Rumors that woman Iyis has seized magical keep watch over over the nation’s leaders and has been turning the lifeless of the Goblinblood Wars right into a mystery undead military appear to achieve extra traction with each one new village that falls to the growing to be plague. executive Hedvend VI ideas the Isgeri court docket in Elidir less than the identify of steward, however the court’s prestige as a sham aristocracy beholden to Cheliax’s ruling residence, Thrune, is widely known. Like his fathers sooner than him, Hedvend VI makes usual journeys to Egorian in Cheliax, summoned like a trifling pageboy. it's becoming that the steward’s image of place of work is a finely jeweled yet expended rod of rulership set to collapse to dirt if referred to as upon once again.

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