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By Jason Nelson, Anthony Pryor

  • This Pathfinder sourcebook takes a close examine ten of the main recognized and well-feared monsters from mythology. inside of those pages you can find entries on creatures from the outdated global to the hot, together with the chimera, couatl, griffon, harpy, hydra, kraken, medusa, phoenix, sphinx, and wendigo. With every one monster receiving a bankruptcy in their personal, information about background, ecology, lairs, editions, or even realworld roots supply all of the details you have to to strengthen those vintage monsters on your game.

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As a hydra consumes its prey, tearing it limb from limb among numerous jaws, it makes use of enamel of its different heads to pry off goods carried or worn, specifically 30 Hydra those who glitter and shine, and areas those gleaming enticements round the fringes of its area to be came across by means of silly passersby, with a bit of luck emboldening them to discover the marshes, caves, and ruins the place the hydra lurks in ready. Hydras have realized to acknowledge universal humanoid packing containers similar to saddlebags for what they're, and while a hydra devours a suite of riders or stumbles upon a abandoned carriage, it sends its many heads into the darkish nooks and crannies of such vessels looking for hidden baubles and items, which it could then drag into the sunshine for exhibit. Explorers are frequently questioned through the property scattered haphazardly at the flooring and hung from tree branches close to a hydra’s lair, nonetheless decorating the rotted or skeletal physique elements in their former vendors. huge or fragile goods are usually damaged by way of the indelicate jaws of the hydra, because it lacks arms to deal with goods conscientiously, but so long as the rubble glints, the hydra is content material to demonstrate it. Drab goods are missed by way of a hydra and left the place they lie, frequently with reference to the is still in their former vendors. HYDRAS IN MYTHOLOGY The Hydra used to be an differently anonymous water serpent in Greek mythology, spawned by way of Typhon and Echidna and raised by means of the goddess Hera to smash Heracles. known as the Lernaean Hydra as a result of its lair (Lake Lerna close to the town of Argos, a physique of water fed by way of a sacred therapeutic spring and stated to hide a gate to the Underworld), the Hydra’s breath and blood have been lethal toxic, or even the spoor of its passage used to be deadly to these attempting to song it. Destroying the Lernaean Hydra used to be the second one hard work of Heracles, who used flaming arrows to flush the serpent out of its cave via the spring that fed the lake. He lined his face with a fabric to guard opposed to the Hydra’s poison, yet as he fought, every one head he destroyed grew again as . His nephew Iolaus got here up with a plan to scorch every one neck-stump with a burning department to avoid it transforming into again, permitting Heracles to defeat it. Heracles used the Hydra’s tainted blood on his arrows thereafter; the poison used to be so powerful it polluted the total river the place he killed Nessus the centaur or even introduced demise to Heracles himself while he donned a tunic soaked in Nessus’s hydra-contaminated blood. HYDRAS ON GOLARION Hydras are hugely adaptable creatures which can proliferate in any type of aquatic or wetland setting. notwithstanding their iconography is located such a lot prominently at the painted pottery of historic Iblydos close to Casmaron, hydras are available in almost each nook of Avistan and Garund in addition. There are legends aplenty of multiheaded serpents from Vudra and Tian Xia too, although even if those are actually hydras or a few spawn or family of nagakind or the imperial dragons is still uncertain. Hydras have lengthy menaced the delta of the River Sphinx in Osirion. outdoor of the fertile rivers and oases of Garund, pyrohydras are identified to roam the deserts and the barren, wind-carved foothills surrounding them, and are a deadly risk to caravan alternate.

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