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By Jess Lebow

This time the citadel is the monster!

Obsidian Ridge hasn't been obvious in Faerun for centuries. it is a legend, a fairy story--until apparently, silently and suddenly over the dominion of Erlkazar, blotting out the sunlight. instructed via the insanity of a crafty wizard, the castle and its colossal array of shadowy monsters will ruin all of Erlkazar except the wizard will get what he wishes: the princess of Erlkazar as a bride. yet he will need to conflict the king's own murderer, a devoted courtier, a classy killer, and the princess herself to deliver his plan to bear.

Obsidian Ridge maintains the Citadels sequence with one other tale that explores the darker facet of that iconic myth constitution, the citadel. every one booklet within the Citadels sequence is a self-contained delusion within the Forgotten Realms international and will be learn in any order.

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Good? ” the previous service provider bellowed. “I anticipate a solution. You can’t simply take a seat the following whereas the remainder of us cross broke. you have got a responsibility—” Lifting himself slowly to his toes, the king reached his complete top prior to conversing. “Get out of my chambers, prior to i've got you thrown within the dungeon! ” He pointed to the doorways, talking this final note via gritted tooth. He got here down steps, drawing towards woman Herrin. “Your phrases and activities are a thinly veiled try and undermine me—and i cannot tolerate it. ” He took one other step, bobbing up to the merchant’s face, having a look her correct within the eye. “I am the King of Erlkazar, and you may recognize my authority, otherwise you will face the results. Have I made myself transparent? ” woman Herrin stumbled again a step, and her bodyguards pulled their swords. the total room erupted within the sound of steel grinding on steel as Quinn and 40 Magistrates drew metal and converged at the armed males. In moments girl Herrin’s males have been disarmed and slammed to the ground, held to the floor via their necks, surrounded by means of the issues of greater than 3 dozen blades. King Korox persisted, probably unfazed by means of the commotion. “How dare you come back into my condominium and make calls for of me in this time of challenge. How dare you weigh the lack of your earnings at the related scale because the lifetime of my daughter. ” girl Herrin stood ahead of the king with a glance of indignant horror on her face. Korox scowled again at her. “Get out,” spat Korox, “or you have even more than floating citadels and slumping revenues to fret approximately. ” With that, the king grew to become, walked up the dais, and sat down on his throne. “Good day, woman Herrin. ” He nodded at Quinn. “Let them up. ” Quinn pulled again and ordered the opposite males to step clear of the downed bodyguards. The Magistrates gave the service provider and her entourage a large berth, yet they saved their swords drawn. woman Herrin, her lip curled up in disgust, persevered to glare on the king. “You won't escape with talking to me like that, Korox. this isn't over. you can be sorry. ” “Confiscate their guns and escort them to the gate,” ordered the king. “Inform the guards that they're no longer allowed again into the palace with out a own summons from me or Senator Divian. ” The king paused. “And be speedy approximately it. we've actual enterprise to take care of. ” Jingling as she spun, the previous service provider and her bodyguards have been bodily faraway from the viewers chamber via a bunch of Magistrates. Quinn put his sword again in its scabbard and approached the throne. “Are you alright, my lord? ” King Korox positioned his head in his palms and let loose a wide sigh. “No, Quinn,” he stated. “I don't imagine i'm. ” “Well, for what it’s worthy, the boys have had a chance going for it slow. ” The king seemed up. “A guess? What does that experience to do with something? ” Quinn smiled. “They’ve been wagering how lengthy it will take you to have that outdated bag hauled out of right here. ” The king chuckled. “Who received? ” “No one,” spoke back the bodyguard, his smile becoming wider. “We all inspiration you’d have performed it a long time in the past.

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