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By T. H. Lain

The wizard or sorcerer who wins the well known Duel Arcane might be presented the Golden Wand, a paranormal gadget that holds wonderful strength. Magic clients come from all over to compete within the contest. a few are interested in glory, others to the contest. nonetheless extra come for different, darker purposes, pushed via an oath to a cruel demise god.

And a few oaths can't be damaged.

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The fellow leered at her, his mouth gaping—it used to be her tongueless former captive! His damaged arm and all of his different, lesser accidents have been healed, basically the paintings of magic. As attractiveness flashed on Ember’s face, her opponent barked out a grating, self-satisfied chortle. the opposite red-masked guy, extra portly and slower than the 1st, stood again and started chanting. A sickle hung at his aspect, stained and rusted from a lot use and little maintenance. On his finger flashed a hoop inscribed with the logo of the cranium and sickle. He used to be a clergyman of Nerull! the lady close to Brek Gorunn straightened and grabbed a gentle crossbow slung from her part. It was once already cocked. She attempted to attract a bead on Ember, yet couldn’t get a transparent shot. She shifted her target to Hennet, who nonetheless stood within the doorway. Hennet was once now not unprepared. because the crossbow got here up, he published bolts of his personal from his already gleaming fingertip. The sorcerous missiles of enchanted strength unerringly slammed into the lady. She gasped, yet remained upright and fired her crossbow again on the sorcerer. The bolt, retracing the trail of Hennet’s magical strike, stuck the sorcerer in his left arm. He grunted in ache and shock. Nebin stepped up subsequent to his wounded pal. The gnome nonetheless wore his goggles over his eyes, and in his palms he grasped a wand. It was once carved of alder and tipped with a tiny, shining stone. The gnome sighted alongside the wand, and a touch of clashing shades sprang from the top to strike the lady attempting to re-cock her crossbow. She yelped and dropped to the ground, mindless. Nebin crowed, “I obtained one! ” Ember’s foe used to be extra wary than while he final confronted her in Volanth. This time he held again, struggling with defensively. 3 kicks have been deflected, and 4 brutal open-hand blows got here to not anything. the fellow danced to the part, ducked, and subsidized away, taking little actual damage from her onslaught, yet he shunned exposing himself with assaults of his personal. Ember had little time to ask yourself what he was once looking forward to. The portly man’s chanting ceased; the priest of Nerull had complete his invocation. A spark of faded eco-friendly gentle seemed in midair. The spark won quantity and form over the distance of a heartbeat, and a horror materialized from the sickening gentle. The beast was once formed anything like a infant human baby, crossed with an incredible slug. It was once nearly man-sized, however it oozed alongside the ground like a bug, dripping with light eco-friendly slime. Its visage used to be natural horror. The gnome quivered for a second, then grew to become and ran. Ember felt a wave of worry holiday over her. Her insides churned as her throat constricted to a knot. She desired to scream, to faint, yet such a lot of all to escape. She shot a determined examine Hennet. The sorcerer looked to be wavering at the doorstep. Terror twisted his face right into a ugly masks, but the glance from Ember galvanized him. He yelled, “Nebin! come back the following! ” however the gnome’s footfalls have been already fading up the stairwell. Ember used to be blissful for any corporation in any respect. The priest of Nerull referred to as aloud to the slug-thing, “Serve us, as we have now served you, oh Abyssal baby, oh Servitor of our lord Nerull.

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