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By Clayton Emery

Endgame . . .

The Netherese Empire will cave in in 5 generations.

A forgotten foe, armed with a hell-spawned resource of damaging magic, returns to hunt her revenge, and a misplaced love is located in a such a lot unforeseen place.

Against a backdrop of battle and chaos, the barbarian Sunbright struggles to carve out a distinct segment for himself -- and his humans -- in a swiftly altering world.

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Then continue your satisfaction and die! It’s not anything to me! ” Sunbright lied. “I’m now not Rengarth. inform the others. day after today. ” with out looking forward to a solution, he permit the wind push him and his guards again towards the woodland and the mountains. * * * * * “They killed Darkname! And Lightrobin! lets take blood funds, and stain our identify? ” “How can we understand they won’t kill us in our sleep? entice us with style phrases, and a knife at the back of their backs! ” “Aye, or poison the meals? ” “I’d take ores over those soulless monsters! An enemy you recognize is healthier than an unknown! ” “Elves devour infants! And suck the goodness out of meals so there’s not anything left to maintain a physique! ” “I say we flip again for Scourge! We have been satisfied there! ” Wrangling rang around the amphitheater. The barbarians had come, after all, lured through nutrition. Sunbright and his protecting elves and dwarves met them at the ill-fated camp among the sheltering highlands, then led the straggling band into the darkish woodland for almost 3 miles. right here the barbarians stumbled on a usual amphitheater sunk into the floor lower than bushes and wind. old stones coated with moss ringed the circle, and on the backside, a blazing bonfire fed on complete timber. Shivering, starved, soiled barbarians crept into the bowl so as regards to the hearth their eyebrows singed. Set on stones have been elven iciness rations and clean video game: oat truffles with salt and maple syrup, dried herring, hunks of deer and undergo and bison, even barrels of ale and a trough of spring water. The hungry barbarians fell at the meat barehanded and ate it uncooked. in this orgy of heat and nutrients, Sunbright sat along with his own bodyguard: Knucklebones and Monkberry, 3 elven archers named Gladejoy, Deerspirit, and Lionmoon, and the 2 dwarves, Cappi and Pullor. They occupied a stone halfway among the barbarians, the manager elven negotiators, and Drigor’s band in shaggy iciness hides. The elven contingent used to be a imaginative and prescient from a dream. Thirty of them have been led by means of a tall elven lady with cascading white hair. They have been usually dressed alike, in smooth eco-friendly shirts and fantastic boots and armor, with a few adjustments in rank. The chief, Pleasantwalk, wore no boiled breastplate, as a substitute a couple of black epaulets on a harness, gem-studded black gloves, and a black helmet embellished with black leaves. She sat on a throne of blond wooden ornately carved with birds and animals, worn soft through a long time of monarchs. The throne were toted in the course of the woodland at the shoulders of courtiers, who have been armed with curved black bows and sheaves of narrow, black arrows. Sunbright had now not spoken to this elven queen (if such she was), yet merely to Tamechild, her chancellor, who conveyed the shaman’s messages to the queen in basic terms twelve toes away. For the 1st time in many years, Sunbright wore no sword. Harvester’s baldric and scabbard hung from a peg on a tree above the amphitheater. The barbarians had additionally left all guns on the top rim, whereas protesting they have been being rounded up for slaughter. however the elves’ calm poise, and the trap of warmth and meat had eventually spilled them over the sting like lemmings.

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