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By Colin McComb, James L. Sutter, Rob McCreary

With the trepidation of an adventurer exploring a dungeon with a sweating brow and a 10-foot pole, Paizo proudly provides Misfit Monsters Redeemed, an in-depth examine 10 of the lamest, most-hated, and flat-out goofiest monsters ever to hang-out a myth roleplaying crusade. This soon-to-be mythical, 64-page, full-color quantity comprises all-new backgrounds, expansions, and counsel for mammoth lovely losers just like the Adherer, Delver, Dire Corby, Disenchanter, Flail Snail, Flumph, Lava baby, Lurker Above, Tojanida and, in fact, the insidious Wolf-in-Sheep's garments!

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Versions whereas it’s presumed that each one adherers have been spawned from the unique Yamileh colony at the airy airplane, the cataclysmic hurricane that spewed them again into the fabric aircraft deposited them right into a number of environments, which compelled them to evolve extra for you to live to tell the tale. additionally, the method of ectoplasmic bonding was once now not exact for all adherers, and assorted f lesh answered to the Weavemistress’s warping results in numerous methods, with a few of the prisoners changing into nearly utterly reworked into ectoplasmic shrouds in their former selves. Adherer Shroud (+1 CR): a few adherers misplaced their structural framework as their human tissue dissolved thoroughly, leaving just a shapeless mass of ragged, fibrous swathes within which their frayed awareness lingers. A shroud seems to be a pile of cobwebs and detritus while nonetheless, but if attacking unfurls right into a huge, tattered sheet, usually forming a crude face from the gaps and rents within the tissue. 7 1 Pathfinder crusade surroundings: Misfit Monsters Redeemed Adherer Hive Minds for the mummies of long-dead pharaohs, and alternately worshiped or hunted and forcibly entombed—some stay trapped there to today. some of the adherers rising from the airy airplane have been slain upon their go back, both by means of predators or by means of watchful protectors who took them for interplanar interlopers with malevolent intentions. In sure distant places, notwithstanding, they have been in a position to make a secure haven for themselves and live to tell the tale, if by no means really capable of thrive. Adherers have the best luck in borderland components, neither so civilized and good traveled that their predations might impress reprisals, nor so distant and wild that they might be disadvantaged in their humanoid prey. In such areas, small nests of adherers have controlled to assert part of the panorama as their very own. they've got had their maximum luck increasing into and developing colonies in components rife with ruins, either lately fallen lands and parts the place the bones of old civilizations have lengthy lain unused. This tendency to enclose themselves with the shambles of civilization, most probably an expression of racial reminiscence and ancestral eager for a feeling of position and function, is one more reason why the wrapping-draped monsters are usually fallacious for undead mummies. The ruined province of Virlych in western Ustalav, a panorama deserted by means of either the kingdom that says it and the denizens of Lastwall and Belkzen, is rumored to host a number of nests of adherers. With its deserted hamlets and freeholds, this haunted panorama offers considerable territory for adherers to seek and banquet at the wretched wanderers who move them, with fairly little worry of reprisal. Farther east, adherers are rumored to be present in small clusters in the course of the carry of Belkzen, the place their predations on unwary orcs pass often disregarded and unanswered, keep to force specific tribes and warbands out in their territory. Adherers want the closeness of folded, rugged hills and tangled forests, and those the bordering mountains of Belkzen have in abundance.

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