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By James Wyatt, Robert J. Schwalb, Richard Baker, John Rogers

If you search to stem this tide of chaos at its resource, stick to my lead--I set out for the feared Abyss at the morrow.
--Lord Amgar the daring, Paladin of Bahamut

The planes have constantly been a spot of serious secret and possibility within the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying video game, and the recent array of planes debuting in 4th version proceed that grand culture. domestic to gods and devils, demons and genies, fey and titans, those unusual dimensions supply limitless event possibilities for Dungeon Masters and their players.

This necessary trip consultant additionally is useful for gamers trying to conflict demons, devils, elementals, and different iconic D&D monsters local to the planes.

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Minauros, the Sinking urban: Mammon’s seat of strength is town of Minauros, from which the Phlegethos, the Fourth Hell cavern takes its identify. Black muck oozes up among Dripping steps lower into the muddy geysers of Min- the paving stones, streets buckle and shift, and from auros descend for ratings of miles to the fiery cavern ASTRAL SE time to time whole structures vanish into the slime of Phlegethos. Curtains of lava pour down from fis- lower than. Mammon’s gilded palace leans drunkenly as sures within the ceiling of this hell to pool in nice lakes its foundations sink, yet in some way it by no means thoroughly of molten rock or race riverlike alongside slag-splattered collapses. in the palace, the King of Greed sur- classes. Mountainous volcanoes that give a contribution to rounds himself with giant quantities of tawdry and the fiery destruction upward thrust from the cavern flooring. The tasteless (but helpful) treasure and legions of lesser air is hot sizzling and flecked with ash. devils. Phlegethos is an extended, twisting cavern global approximately Jangling Hiter: Jangling Hiter, town of Chains, thirty miles broad, 2 hundred miles lengthy, and one to is the area of the chain devils (kytons). The construct- ten miles in peak. It descends steeply from its higher ings of Jangling Hiter are saved from sinking into the end—where stairways from Minauros emerge on the layer’s mire via nice chains anchored within the rock of ft of serious rocky columns—down to a black simple of the cavern ceiling. Many are the torments of the 9 cracked and cooling lava. Amid this desolation stands Hells, yet nowhere are the damned extra cruelly or the town of Abyrimoch, the one one during this nightmar- creatively made to endure as they're right here. Damned ish panorama. the line of Cinders runs from the souls are introduced right here from all corners of the aircraft depths of Abyrimoch. the line is a damaged maze and herded into Jangling Hiter by way of the rankings each of outdated lava tubes that wind into the darkness. This day. The bloated archdevil Sagirsa, a devoted vassal to maze serves because the hall linking Phlegethos to Mammon, governs town. Stygia, the 5th hell, however it is a deadly course certainly. NEKRA DA C H A P T E R five | T h e A s t r a l S e a one zero one 4E_ManOPlns_Ch05. indd a hundred and one 9/24/08 8:43:05 AM unexpected floods of lava spill down into this maze usually and grasp smith, supervises this paintings. Tymphal to overhaul tourists faraway from the layer’s common distrusts Fierna’s reckless passions and has selected obstacles. to immerse himself in his paintings and to disregard occasions The archdevil Fierna ideas over Phlegethos, yet open air his volcanic workshop. her father Belial stands beside her throne. Belial is the consumer of secrets and techniques and seduction, an previous and canny Stygia, the 5th Hell archdevil certainly. Fierna is the shopper of fireside and The tortuous street of Cinders wanders for thousands excitement. Belial has lengthy schemed opposed to Levistus, of miles in the course of the damaged maze of lava tubes and the Lord of Stygia, yet Fierna has no interest in that rifts.

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