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By Dennis L. McKiernan

Tipperton and Beau, having added a mysterious coin to the reclusive King Agron, observe that the coin was once truly a plea for aid from King Blaine for relief within the nice battle of the Ban. yet regardless of their deeds up to now, the 2 adventurers are nonetheless no longer unfastened from accountability. Tip burns to avenge the loss of life of his lady-love, fallen in conflict, and Beau the healer can't forget about the ache of these round him. so that they subscribe to the struggle, top Agron's military into the lands in their enemy, the Black Mage Modru, wearing with them an historical prophecy of victory....

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And Tip questioned what percentage extra white wagons had rolled in the course of the streets that day. The 7th sunrise got here with no sign, and once again the muster stood down. And after breaking his quick, back Tip took to the ramparts above, fuming and fretting and considering: the place in all of Mithgar are Valk and his military of Dwarves? yet in this day in midmorn, of a unexpected the entire drums of the Swarm started to pound and Ruptish horns started to blat and waves of dread poured over the partitions. "Something is afoot," stated Imongar grimly, her eyes looking signal of attack. Tip jumped to the guns shelf and peered out via a crenel. "Oh, absolutely you do not imagine they have, they've…" Imongar checked out him. "They've what, Tipperton? " "Oh, i do not understand. i do not be aware of! possibly came across the Dwarves at the march, captured my buddies, captured Beau, I simply have no idea. " Tip checked out her in charm because the Gargon unfold worry over all. Imongar shrugged and became her gaze again to the Swarm, and of a unexpected known as out, "Bugler, sound the summons. The Gargon is at the movement. " Tip appeared and gasped in dismay, for out from the tent strode the hideous monster: gray and stonelike it was once, and scaled like a serpent yet jogging upright on legs-a large and reptilian malevolent parody of a guy, and waves of worry rolled outward. Snow bursting upward approximately its heavy tread, the ponderous Mandrak complex: 8 toes tall, taloned fingers and toes, glittering rows of fangs in a lizard-snouted face. And the Draedan, the Ghath, the Horror, the Dread stalked ahead in a circle of vacancy because the Foul folks gave again, a few shrieking and bolting away, for no longer even they can stand to be close to, so nice was once its poor strength. The earth underneath its ft appeared to shake with every step, and Tip shuddered besides. "Stand ready," known as Imongar, her face white, tired of blood. yet as this hideous creature reached the interior rim of the Swarm, leftward it grew to become, leftward, and towards the western outer edge. And because it stalked away, the bugler, trembling, controlled to elevate the clarion to his lips and to sound the decision on his moment try. "Come," stated Imongar, jogging west alongside the wall, matching her stride to that of the monster with out. Tip, his air coming in gasps, trotted alongside the guns shelf a speed or in the back of the Mage, for he didn't wish to dam her view. And as he and Imongar went west, armed and armored males poured throughout the streets and to the partitions, such a lot amassing concerning the 4 gates. And the king got here driving, a cavalry at his again. Circling, west went Tip and Imongar, to ultimately come to the west gate. And contrary stopped the Gargon, status in a circle by myself. And to the west gate got here the opposite 4 Mages, Alv-aron already there. extra Ruptish horns blared, and drums pounded. And King Agron and his cavalry rode to the west gate and stood less than ready. yet then Captain Brud known as down, "Sire, they wave the gray flag of truce! " "What? " known as the king. "They could parley," shouted Alvaron. " 'Tis most probably a trick," known as Brud.

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