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By Tad Williams

I’ve been instructed to visit Hell extra occasions than i will count number. yet this time I’m truly going.

My name’s Bobby buck, occasionally referred to as Doloriel, and naturally, Hell isn’t a great spot for somebody like me—I’m an angel. They don’t like my style down there, now not even the marginally fallen sort. yet they've got my female friend, who occurs to be a gorgeous demon named Casi¬mira, Countess of chilly palms. Why does an angel have a demon female friend? good, on no account since it is helping my career.

She’s being held hostage by way of one of many nasti¬est, strongest demons in all the nether¬world—Eligor, Grand Duke of Hell. He already hates me, and he’d like not anything larger than to get his palms on me and rip my immortal soul correct out of my borrowed yet oh-so-mortal body.

But wait, it will get greater! not just do i must sneak into Hell, make my means throughout hundreds of thousands of miles of terror and anguish to arrive Pan- demonium, capital of the fiery depths, yet then i need to scouse borrow Caz correct out from lower than Eligor’s burning eyes and smuggle her out back, previous demon infantrymen, hellhounds, and the entire murder¬ous creatures imprisoned there for eternity. or even if I one way or the other be able to get away Hell, I’m additionally being stalked by means of an undead psychopath named Smyler who’s been following me for weeks. Oh, and did I point out that he can’t be killed?

So if I by some means continue to exist Hell, elude the Grand Duke and all his hideous minions and make it again to the genuine international, I’ll nonetheless be the main hunted soul in production. yet at the very least I’ll have Caz. Gotta have anything to appear ahead to, right?

So simply pour me that rattling drink, will you? I’ve bought someplace to move.

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Smyler wouldn’t pop out, even supposing we had him surrounded. ultimately we tossed a number of incendiaries in after him. That labored. probably he didn’t are looking to die an identical means two times, I don’t recognize. besides, whilst the flames all started, he got here out speedy sufficient. Did I say he was once like a rat? extra like a spider, at the least while he got here scuttling out of a hidden gap within the mountain of twisted steel and jumped down earlier than lets even raise our weapons and goal, his saggy, hooded black sweatshirt flapping and that gruesome, lengthy weapon in his hand. Smyler jumped on an angel named Zoniel so fast that he controlled to stab him thrice prior to Sam hit him with the butt of his attack rifle and knocked him off. Zoniel was once so badly wounded that he needed to get a brand new physique, yet Smyler bought Reheboth even worse, placing that depraved, four-edged blade all through his eye and into his mind. Reb received one other physique, too, yet he additionally retired from Counterstrike quickly later on and received a role upstairs. acknowledged it wasn’t the getting stabbed quite a bit, yet that face-to-face second with the man prior to the knife went in. stated he’d by no means noticeable an individual so satisfied. the top Himself merely is aware what percentage extra people the little shit may have broken, or what number people may need long past down from pleasant fireplace, simply because he was once horribly quick and everyone used to be capturing wildly. yet a person acquired fortunate and raked him with an M4 packed with silver rounds and took part his leg off. Smyler begun attempting to move slowly away, leaving a path of blood like a snail’s music, and first and foremost i presumed i used to be listening to his death-gasps, yet after a second i noticed he was once giggling in a bad, dry, whispering voice. giggling. i used to be shut adequate to place a dozen bullets into his head, and that i was once as regards to to do this while Leo stopped me. “No,” he acknowledged. “We’re now not sending this one again. ” I didn’t fairly get what he intended, and that i was once much more stressed whilst he emptied a clip into Smyler’s legs. Blood and bone splinters and ruined flesh flew all over the place, however the terrible factor nonetheless wouldn’t cease guffawing. Leo stepped up, kicked away the lengthy pointy factor mendacity close to the killer’s hand, after which positioned his boot lower than Smyler’s intestine and became him over. “Good God Almighty,” Sam acknowledged. I most likely acknowledged anything comparable. We’d either noticeable loads of gruesome stuff, yet Smyler used to be worse than something, by some means. He—it—whatever, his pores and skin was once grey and pulled tight over his bones like a reduced in size corpse, mottled with darkish purple-blue patches too normal to be bruises. His jaw caught out like a piranha’s, in order that regardless of his mouth closed you may see his backside enamel, deformed little such things as seed pearls, a wonderfully instantly line of them. yet his eyes have been the worst. His eyes have been all black, apart from a bit sliver of bloodshot white on the edges while he seemed round, like he was once doing now. the remainder of the Harps, those that weren’t tending Reb and area, accumulated round, and as he checked out us, he opened his mouth and commenced laughing back. the interior of his mouth . . . good, it regarded rotten.

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