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By R.A. Salvatore

Drizzt joins Bruenor on his quest for the fabled dwarven nation of Gauntlgrym: ruins acknowledged to be wealthy with old treasure and arcane lore. yet prior to they even get shut, one other drow and dwarf pair stumbles throughout it first: Jarlaxle and Athrogate.  of their look for treasure and magic, Jarlaxle and Athrogate inadvertently set into movement a disaster that may spell catastrophe for the unsuspecting humans of the town of Neverwinter—a disaster sufficiently big to entice even the mercenary Jarlaxle into risking his personal coin and pores and skin to forestall it. regrettably, the extra they discover concerning the mystery of Gauntlgrym, the extra it feels like they can’t cease it all alone. They’ll need assistance, and from the final humans they ever idea to struggle along back: Drizzt and Bruenor.

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Forks,” Drizzt stated. “It has been decades when you consider that you’ve used one. ” Bruenor glowered at him. “Evenfeast? ” Drizzt steered, motioning towards the door. “Bah, yet our speak prior positioned a few outdated recommendations in me brain, elf, options what became to desires. And ye stole ’em. ” “Memories of Wulfgar? ” “Aye, me boy and me lady. ” Drizzt nodded, figuring out complete good the relief such desires may perhaps impart. He provided his pal a sympathetic smile, and bowed in apology. “Had I recognized, i might have long past for my meal with out you. ” Bruenor waved that away with one hand and rubbed his grumbling stomach with the opposite. He grabbed up his one-horned helm and plopped it on his head, slung his safeguard over his shoulder, and took up his awl. “Don’t desire no damned fork,” he stated, exhibiting Drizzt his awl, “and whether it is an orc, we’ll chop it as much as bite-sized items, don’t ye doubt. ” anything struck Drizzt as ordinary by the point he and Bruenor have been simply midway down the steps to the typical room. Shivanni wasn’t in the back of the bar, which was once strange although not often suspicious, however it used to be greater than that, whatever he couldn’t fairly deal with. They persisted down and located a small desk off to the part of the bar, with Drizzt carrying on with his test of the room and its consumers. “Does anything appear incorrect to you? ” he quietly requested his better half as Bruenor looked after himself out, resting his awl opposed to one chair and punctiliously resting his guard opposed to the awl, so he may possibly very easily sit down. The dwarf glanced round, then grew to become again, basically confused. Drizzt may simply shake his head, yet then his ache registered extra truly: there have been no aged humans within the tavern, and no unshaven and grubby-looking characters who appeared like they’d simply climbed out of a rum bottle and from the deck of a pirate send. there has been whatever too … uniform, in regards to the tidy crowd. “Keep your awl close,” Drizzt whispered as a barmaid—one he didn’t realize, although, seeing that he was once so not often in Luskan of overdue, he didn’t comprehend them all—came over. “Well met,” she greeted. “And to yerself, lass, and what may well yer identify be? ” Bruenor requested. She smiled and became her head demurely, yet now not a touch of a blush got here to her cheeks, Drizzt famous. And he spotted, too, within the sweep of her half-turn, that she bore a painful-looking burn scar among her left breast and collar bone. Drizzt back scanned the room, concentrating on one tall guy bending around the approach, the move commencing a niche among the man’s blouse and breeches, and revealing the same scar. Then he noticed a lady seated at a desk without delay around the approach, and from his perspective, he may possibly see the neckline of her costume, and adequate lower than it to notice a scar—not a scar, a brand—identical to the barmaid’s. He became his awareness again to Bruenor and the barmaid, to discover the dwarf ordering a pot of stew and a bottomless flagon of Baldur’s Gate faded. “No, hold,” Drizzt interrupted. “Eh? yet I’m hungry,” Bruenor protested. “Ye waked me up and I’m hungry. ” “As am I, yet we’re overdue for our meeting,” Drizzt insisted as he stood.

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