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By Richard Baker

Within the arms of an elf high-mage, the fabled mythals are Faerûn's so much powerful resources of magical energy. yet within the palms of a demon princess from a forgotten epoch, they are the main robust guns that you can think of.

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Araevin grew to become his awareness again to the guard of winds, the final barrier in Malkizid’s elemental ward. rigorously he started to unbind the spell. The final shard hung in simple sight now, gleaming softly with the proximity of its sister shards. He had merely— A font of ebon flame sprang up from the flagstones, nearly without delay underneath the floating shard. It blazed and danced in a shout of black energy, and it took the form of a tall, faded seraph as chilly as marble. A seeping wound marked his brow, dripping black blood. “You think you could defy me in my very own fortress? ” the light lord tangled up. “Your punishment will final one thousand years, idiot! ” Araevin recoiled a step prior to the darkish king’s vehemence. “Malkizid,” he murmured. It appeared that the grasp of the tower had certainly again. With a grimace of frustration, he allowed the kileaarna reithirgir to gutter out, now not but accomplished. He would wish each ounce of his energy for the fight to come back. The archdevil studied his face for a second. “You needs to be Araevin Teshurr,” he saw. His voice used to be eerily attractive, even within the depths of his anger. “I see that the telmiirkara neshyrr has left its mark on you. A disgrace, because i would have made anything of you differently. ” He bared his enamel in a feral grin, and the poor wound throughout his forehead started to gleam darkly. “Strike, my buddies! ” Araevin cried. He heard the pointy thrumming of bowstrings, and arrows flashed at Malkizid. The archdevil parried one with a brief movement of his black sword, and easily stopped the others together with his outstretched hand. Araevin wove his palms jointly and intoned the phrases of a strong spell, conjuring a spellchain of eco-friendly strength round Malkizid. The hyperlinks settled in the direction of the archdevil, yet Malkizid countered and shifted the spellchain away. within the blink of a watch it seemed round Jorin Kell Harthan, who was once coming near near the archdevil along with his swords in his fingers. The Aglarondan cried out in dismay and stumbled to the ground as Araevin’s spellchain ensnared him as an alternative. “You are a idiot when you imagine you could defeat me together with your spells,” Malkizid gloated. “Who do you're thinking that taught Saelethil Dlardrageth his lore? I tutored the Vyshaanti archmages whilst the realm was once younger! you're not their equivalent. ” Araevin neglected Malkizid’s boasting and began on one other spell, looking whatever that the archdevil couldn't deflect. yet Malkizid easily stared at Araevin. the logo above the archdevil’s forehead burst into black flame. It demanded Araevin’s recognition, and whilst the solar elf’s eye fell at the model Malkizid’s towering malevolence and should struck him like a actual blow. strains of fireside appeared to burn themselves into Araevin’s face as he stood transfixed via the archdevil’s poor visage. He felt his acquaintances in the back of him battling their very own silent struggles opposed to Malkizid’s black stare. in the back of him, Nesterin cried out, “Corellon, it burns!

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