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By Shannon Messenger

Sophie uncovers stunning secrets—and faces treacherous new enemies—in this electrifying 3rd ebook within the Keeper of the misplaced towns series.

Sophie Foster is able to struggle back.

Her abilities are becoming more desirable, and with the elusive Black Swan crew ignoring her demands support, she’s made up our minds to discover her kidnappers—before they arrive after her again.

But a bold mistake leaves her international teetering at the fringe of battle, and motives many to worry that she has eventually long gone too a ways. And the deeper Sophie searches, the farther the conspiracy stretches, proving that her most deadly enemy will be nearer than she realizes.

In this nail-biting 3rd publication within the Keeper of the misplaced towns sequence, Sophie needs to struggle the flames of uprising, prior to they smash each person and every thing she loves.

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Might that paintings? ” Sandor requested. “I don’t know,” Sophie admitted. “But if it did, the place wouldn't it even take us? ” Keefe shrugged. “It’s gotta be more secure than ready round the following. ” not anyone may possibly argue with that, so Sophie untied all of the bottles and positioned them in a small circle within the sand. Their colourful glows grew to become white the place they converged, and while Keefe nodded, she conscientiously positioned the magsidian attraction within the brightest spot within the middle. a stunning flash shot out of the swan’s beak, turning every little thing to a blur. Sophie rubbed her eyes, attempting to concentration in the course of the glare. yet Keefe must’ve recovered first, simply because he grabbed her arm and whispered, “I imagine I see anything. ” “Where? ” Sandor requested, and Keefe pointed towards the sea. the sunshine had light, leaving not anything yet shadows and extra shadows. but if Keefe took the attraction from Sophie and created one other sparkling flash, she noticed what his sharp eyes had stuck the 1st time. 3 figures in darkish hooded cloaks, coming towards them around the waves. FIFTY-ONE THEY’RE jogging ON WATER,” SOPHIE whispered, looking at the white eyes sewn at the cloaked figures’ sleeves. “How are they doing that? ” “Let’s fear approximately it later, ok? ” Keefe requested, grabbing the gleaming bottles and pulling a goblin throwing megastar out of a pocket on his sleeve. “Right now there’s 3 of them and 3 people. i believe we will take them. ” “The just one ‘taking them’ could be me,” Sandor growled, throwing Sophie and Keefe over each one of his shoulders and working them into the palm bushes. He dropped them in the back of a wall of fernlike trees and took the bottles of starlight. “Stay here—I suggest it, Sophie. don't circulate except totally priceless. ” “But—” “DO now not ARGUE WITH ME! ” Sophie cowered. “I’ll conceal us,” Keefe promised as Sandor passed him one in all his melders. “Good. And I”—Sandor gripped his different melder—“am going to capture those villains as soon as and for all. ” He slashed his sword over their heads, overlaying them with fallen leaves sooner than he charged again towards the waves. The trees blocked their view of the seashore, yet Sophie may well pay attention deep voices combined with the roar of the sea. It gave the impression of they have been arguing. “How did they locate us? ” she whispered, scooting in the direction of Keefe. “Do you think that they’re those that led us right here? ” “If they have been, why decide this spot for his or her ambush? That underground cave would’ve been a manner more straightforward position to seize us. ” “True. yet how may possibly they've got us via all these leaps? And why aren’t the Black Swan right here? ” “We are. ” hairy arms blocked Sophie’s scream as a dozen dwarves popped out of the floor. of them pinned Keefe to a tree, snatching his melder and removing his cry for aid. “What’s taking place over there? ” Sandor known as from the seashore. “Tell him to return to you,” the dwarf conserving Sophie whispered. “We’re the following to seize the rebels, and he’s ruining our plan. ” Plan? Sophie puzzled as he held up his wrist, pointing to a cuff bearing the signal of the swan. A dozen dwarves did have greater odds of successful than a lone goblin did.

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