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By Ed Greenwood

Commanded by way of the vestige of Mystra to interact, Manshoon and Elminster interact in its place in a ferocious conflict that sends the Sage plummeting into the Underdark as a cloud of ashes. Elminster quickly inhabits the physique of a fallen darkish elf, in order that he can commence accomplishing Mystra's orders to rally Cormyr's Wizards of warfare, search blueflame goods to fix large rifts through the nation-states which are freeing lethal monsters, and stop the traditional Primordials from emerging and unleashing their rage. yet his sworn archenemy, Manshoon, has plans besides: to beat Cormyr and be the hot Emperor, and seek out the Sage's clones. The battles are fierce, the stakes have by no means been better, and the destiny of Cormyr is at the line. in the meantime, warfare Wizards are being mysteriously assassinated . . .

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They fell atop him, cursing and suffering. Harbrand quickly clubbed the backs of either their necks together with his fists, then tore one guard’s belt dagger from its sheath and battered their heads energetically with its pommel, smiting them either mindless. Hawkspike struggled to get out from less than the mindless guards and trampled the sagging Dragons in his haste to stick with Harbrand. Harbrand had snatched the earrings of keys from the belts of either guards and used to be feverishly making an attempt each key that regarded remotely more likely to be correct within the 3 locks that secured the door—head-high, ankle-low, and within the heart. a couple of gasping moments later, the door banged open and possibility For rent burst again out into the ready wasteland after which sprinted for the welcome conceal of the bushes. They have been a great good distance into the leaf-littered gloom prior to Harbrand stumbled on breath adequate to quite grimly recommend to his colleague that Hawkspike forthwith supply a few causes. “What simply virtually killed us? And what via the Dragon Unseen did you throw, anyhail? given that whilst did we personal any Gondar bombs? ” Hawkspike went correct on crashing and suffering throughout the wooded area, making no answer yet violently and again and again shaking his head, in negation or denial. Harbrand stuck as much as him and shoulder-slammed him, snarling, “Not deeper in! do you need to get eaten by way of wolves—or worse? again to the verges, the place we will be able to persist with the line and never wander off! ” Hawkspike’s shakes grew to become a nod or . That lasted until eventually he tripped on a leaf-covered root and fell headlong. Harbrand hauled his dazed companion upright with a snarl of anger, they usually either stood there panting for breath, Hawkspike’s face a masks of dust, twigs, and leaves. while he had sufficient breath again to regulate a deep sigh, the Doombringer plucked numerous gruesome wooded area mushrooms off Hawkspike’s face, and demanded wearily, “Tell me, Hawk. Where’d you get the flashbang? And simply while have been you going to get round to telling me approximately it? what percentage different secrets and techniques are you maintaining from me? simply what's all this approximately Sarl? ” Sarl Sulblade have been considered one of their companions at risk For lease, sooner than his surprising, violent, and earlier mystifying loss of life. The drow by some means knew that Hawkspike had killed him. Harbrand wanted no phrases from his associate to get that some distance, and Sulblade were a correct nasty bastard, however it will be great to understand … Hawkspike was once again to fervently shaking his head. Harbrand sighed back. “Forget all that, Hawk. disregard what I simply requested. simply inform me: what occurred again there within the citadel, simply now? ” His much-scarred companion wiped away dust, observed a convenient fallen tree, and fortunately sat down on its large trunk. A snake, disturbed by way of the coming of his in the back of, swiftly slithered away. Hawkspike watched it pass, then acknowledged slowly, “That was once my fair-fortune attraction. received it from a caravan grasp in Suzail, who acknowledged it was once genuine magic, got here from a temple of Tymora, and might convey success. a little bit everbright-treated silver photo of the goddess, smiling, that’s all. I’ve had it for years.

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