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By Robert Rankin

Are desktop barcodes the Mark of the Beast? Hell yeah!
The finish instances foretold within the publication of Revelation are coming to go in Brentford, a calm London suburb, East of Ealing. Lateinos and Romiith an unlimited computing device company is making plans to barcode the inhabitants of the area and dispose of cash. the boys who common Brentford’s most interesting public apartment - The Flying Swan - are usually not going to love that! The headquarters of the sinister company towers into the suburban sky, casting a worried shadow and placing the finally end up the locals. whatever must be performed and in terms of tackling Armageddon and the Apocalypse, who greater to tackle the duty, than these unemployed inebriates, Jim Pooley and John Omally? good, there’s Professor Slocombe, who has sure plans of his personal. And Norman from the nook store who has simply rediscovered the secrets and techniques of perpetual movement. and there's additionally Mr Sherlock Holmes of Baker highway, whose shock stopover at to Brentford is inflicting whatever of a stir. among the lot of them they're guaranteed to get a hold of whatever. . . . . . .Or very likely now not!
Yes, they’re again, for ebook 3 of The Brentford Trilogy: a forged of cute rogues, fearsome magicians, eccentric inventors and a pagan barlord whose earlier adventures have been documented within the Antipope and The Brentford Triangle. East of Ealing was once initially released in 1984, and now turns out greatly sooner than its time and forces the reader to invite the cosmic query: the place does Robert Rankin get his rules from?


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The 2 stared approximately them in an try and take it in. It used to be just too huge. the size of its development despatched the brain reeling. The temperature had dropped one other 5 levels a minimum of, but the odor used to be ripe as a rotten corpse. ‘The abdominal of the beast,’ gasped Pooley. ‘Let's return. The utter chilly, the sensation, the stench, i cannot stand it. ’ ‘No, Jim, glance, there it's. ’ forward, throughout an never-ending expanse of shining black marble flooring, unfold the congregation, row upon regimental row. numerous figures crouched prior to as many flickering terminal monitors, paying obeisance to their darkish grasp. For there, towering in the direction of eternity, emerging acre upon vertical acre, spreading away in each path, was once the mainframe of the nice machine. Billions of housed microcircuits, jet-black packing containers stacked one upon one other in a jagged unending wall. Upon giddy stairways and catwalks, minuscule figures moved upon its face, getting to its wishes. Feeding it, pampering it with wisdom, gorging its insatiable urge for food. i'm LATEINOS, i'm ROMIITH. The Latin, the formulation, phrases lowered to their base parts, stripped in their flesh, decreased to the charred black airborne dirt and dust in their skeletons; to the equations which have been the song of the spheres, the grand excessive opera of all life. Omally slumped ahead directly to his knees. ‘I see it,’ he whispered hoarsely, his eyes ranging from his head. ‘Now I comprehend. ’ ‘Then bully for you, John. Come on let's get out, somebody will see us. ’ Pooley fanned at his nostril and rubbed at his shirt-sleeves. ‘No, no. do not you realize what it is doing? Why it is the following? ’ ‘No. Nor why I can be. ’ ‘It is what the Professor advised us. ’ Omally struck his fist to his temple. ‘Numerology; the ability lies within the numbers themselves. cannot you notice it? this complete madhouse is the fabricated from arithmetic. Mankind didn't invent arithmetic nor observe it. No the technological know-how of arithmetic was once given to him that he may perhaps misuse it to his smash. That he may ultimately create all this. ’ Omally opened up his fingers to surround the area they now inhabited. ‘Don't ? ’ Jim shook his head. ‘Pissed again,’ stated he. ‘And this time as Pope. ’ Omally persisted, his voice emerging in pitch because the revelation struck him like a thunderbolt. ‘The computer has now perfected the paintings. It has mastered the technological know-how, it may possibly holiday whatever all the way down to its mathematical identical. as soon as it has the formulation it may well then rebuild, recreate every thing. a whole fresh international outfitted from the ashes of the outdated, encompassing every thing. ’ ‘But all it does is churn out the standard stuff over and over. ’ Omally clambered to his ft and became upon him. ‘Yes, you rattling idiot, simply because there's one quantity it will probably by no means locate. It chanced on the variety of a guy, yet there's another quantity, yet another equation which by no means are available. ’ ‘Go on then, have your spasm. ’ ‘The soul. that is what the previous guy was once attempting to let us know. do not you notice it, Jim? ’ ‘I see that,’ acknowledged Pooley, pointing away over John's shoulder. ‘But i don't think it.

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