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By Paul Finch

Craeghatir: a lonely rock, a ways out at the northernmost tip of england; the nearest aspect of land to it, the wild, storm-ravaged Cape Wrath. to name this position bleak is the understatement of an entire life. large cliffs dominate its beaches, yet inside of there are eco-friendly tracks linking mystery valleys the place tumuli are available, old megaliths and the bones of prehistoric mammals lengthy grown over with moss. The island is now uninhabited and by way of this good looks and silence, it truly is a good locale - even though few sightseers ever enterprise there willingly, for Craeghatir has an evil popularity. Professor Jo Mercy of Warwick University's elite archaeological unit doesn't think the rumours and is eager to enquire a newly-discovered barrow at the island which would include the is still of Ivar Ragnarsson, probably the main notorious of all Viking chieftains. Ragnarrson used to be reputed to be berserkir - a warrior possessed with the wolf-spirit, whose insanity carried him earlier all discomfort and cause within the warmth of conflict, and whose sufferers have been deemed choices to the wolf-god Fenrir. yet Mercy and her workforce will locate themselves confronted with greater than simply the inhospitibal setting on Craeghatir, because the spirit of Ragnarrson is disturbed and demise and insanity come to the island.

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