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By Simon R. Green

Rupert didn't specially are looking to be a prince. And he definitely by no means requested to be the second one son of a royal line that actually didn't want a spare. So he was once despatched out to slay a dragon and end up himself-a quest directly out of legend. yet he additionally came across the categories of items legends are likely to miss, in addition to the standard demons, goblins, the feared evening Witch-and even worse terrors hidden within the shadows of Darkwood.  
Rupert did discover a fiery dragon-and a stunning princess to rescue. however the dragon grew to become out to be a greater pal than an individual again on the fortress, and with the evil of Darkwood spreading, Rupert used to be going to want the entire neighbors he may possibly get.

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His boot lashed out back, catching Rupert at the hip and sending him rolling into the toes of the silently staring at guards. He lurched to 1 knee and reached for his sword. The Champion’s boot slammed down back, yet this time Rupert was once prepared for him. rather than snatching again his hands he persevered the circulation, stuck the Champion’s ankle in either palms, and twisted him off-balance. The Champion fell seriously, and by the point he regained his toes Rupert was once anticipating him, sword in hand. “Now that’s extra like it,” stated the Champion approvingly. His sword licked out to open a shallow lower on Rupert’s left cheek, after which the Champion needed to bounce again out of diversity as Rupert’s blade sheared during the chain mail over his ribs. The Champion glanced down, and observed blood seeping via his armor. “Getting outdated, Champion,” acknowledged Rupert thickly. “There was once a time you wouldn’t have given me an opportunity to get well. ” The Champion smiled. “I’m nonetheless more than enough for you, boy. Come on; let’s see what you are able to do. ” Rupert moved carefully ahead, his sword sweeping from side to side ahead of him. the 2 combatants rotated one another warily, after which got here jointly in a flurry of metal too quick for the attention to keep on with. They sprang aside and rotated one another back, their steel-clad boots awesome sparks from the naked stone. Blood rilled down from a large minimize on Rupert’s brow, filling his eyes with purple. The Champion had one other bloody lease in his chain mail. Rupert wiped blood from his eyes with the again of his hand, and couldn’t parry the Champion’s assault in time. clean blood trickled down Rupert’s sword arm, making his take hold of slippery. And so the struggle went on. Rupert used each trick he knew, all his energy and talent coming jointly in an exhibition of swordsmanship that had the guardsmen crying aloud in appreciation. time and again he threw himself on the Champion, his sword a brilliant blur at the nonetheless morning air because it rose and fell, rose and fell. Rupert gave every little thing he had, and it wasn’t sufficient. He by no means stood an opportunity. The Champion parried his each blow, allowed Rupert to tire himself out, after which moved in with a flurry of hammering blows that left Rupert mendacity battered and helpless facedown at the blood-smeared cobblestones. He was once dimly conscious of the Champion crouching sooner than him, after which tears all started from his eyes as a powerful hand grabbed a handful of hair and lifted his head up. “Sorry, Sire,” acknowledged the Champion quietly. “But you'll have comprehend greater than to overcome Harald in public. subsequent time, you'll be aware of higher. ” The hand published Rupert’s hair, and the cobblestones jumped as much as meet his face. The Champion’s voice appeared to come from far-off. “We experience in part an hour, Sire; I count on you to be on your saddle and able to depart. If you’re no longer, I’ll have you ever strapped to the unicorn. ” He walked unhurriedly away, and one after the other the guards him, leaving Rupert curled round his soreness. The courtyard chatter slowly resumed. For an extended whereas Rupert simply lay there, after which there has been the sound of working toes, and light arms have been keeping his shoulders.

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