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By Matthew J. Hanson

Bleeding area Adventures #4: A Dreadful sunrise (PDF)
A third period myth event for 4th to sixth point Characters
Author: Matthew J. Hanson
Cover Artist: Lisa Wood
Format: 32 web page PDF
A 2.8 MB download
Version 3.5 ideas Compatible

Twisted Plots, unlimited Evil

The guffawing Badger has lengthy been a favored cease for tourists, retailers, and adventurers certain for far-off lands. The final cease at the fringes of civilization, this hotel bargains a hot mattress, nice meal, and the corporate of a pleasant and inviting employees. humans from miles round all agree that the giggling Badger is with no peer. not anyone might ponder harming the kinfolk that runs this positive institution ... till now.

A Dreadful sunrise, the fourth of eco-friendly Ronin's Bleeding side adventures, reveals the characters battling for his or her lives within the unlikeliest of locations: among the comforts of an exceptional resort. during this intriguing new state of affairs, the computers are drawn right into a sinister plot by way of a vicious cult with their very own plans for this blameless kin and their site visitors. The characters needs to store the innkeepers from a ugly evening of homicide, terror, and appalling violence, and defeat the servants of the foul God of Slaughter prior to it's too late.

Inside this interesting new event, you'll find:

* a completely exact tavern whole with facts and outlines for all locations.
* An tricky state of affairs that evolves in accordance with the PCs' actions.
* A dreadful dungeon advanced packed with traps, monsters, and a in poor health cult with foul ambitions.
* A slew of specific and compelling NPCs excellent so as to add in your ongoing campaigns.

This event, like different Bleeding part adventures, deals a posh plot, a forged of precise characters, and lethal encounters. A Dreadful sunrise is brim-full of dynamic environments and built NPCs that, while mixed, promise to take your video games to the Bleeding fringe of event!

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He in its place takes her or him the entire technique to again to the Tylus kin crypt (see bankruptcy III). If at any element Gavril is diminished to ten hit issues or left, he reads his scroll of be aware of keep in mind to move himself from the cellar again to his family’s crypt. improvement If any of the opposite worshipers of the god of slaughter have survived, they've got probably fled to this sector, the place Gavril healed them utilizing his wand of healing gentle wounds. (Outside of wrestle, you could think a cost heals five hit issues. ) those closing cultists persist with strategies just like their previous habit, yet now, in the event that they needs to flee, they are going to seize a hostage and use her or him to ease their break out. If Dorjan introduced a hostage with him, he makes use of an identical one the following. past the crates are the a lot abused and traumatized individuals of Maddock’s kinfolk. those that weren’t taken hostage are tremendous thankful, but additionally all for someone who was once taken. the world is profane, and evil hangs heavy within the air. simply past the negative kinfolk is an excellent extra scary scene. Maddock lies within the middle of an ornately drawn circle in created with silver dirt. A pewter chalice holds darkish and suspicious stains left by way of the unholy water used to solid desecrate. as soon as the relatives has been attended to, continue with bankruptcy III. Treasure putting round the neck of every dread skeleton is a metal amulet bearing a two-headed lion. those are an analogous different types of amulets worn via the zombies defined on web page 15. The kin based upon how lengthy it took to get to the relations within the cellar, the computers might stumble onto a bad scene. Gavril takes his time torturing Maddock and his kinfolk, utilizing his lengthy knife to chop away their flesh, which he tosses over his shoulder whilst he’s performed. preserve tune of the way a lot time elapses sooner than the computers input the cellar, utilizing the timetable defined on web page thirteen. If the characters are too overdue, not just will Maddock’s family members be lifeless, however the guy himself is now a dread allip, who turns his hatred and rage opposed to the residing. because the computers must have lots of time to prevent this dreadful consequence, the repercussions of this are left that you can aspect. — sixteen — - bankruptcy III: struggling with the Cultists At this aspect, the participant characters must have a few inspiration the place the remainder of the darkish cultists are hiding. in the event that they approved Stasia’s give up, she could have instructed them precisely the place the cultists are; a charmed cultist could do an identical and likewise exhibit the capacity to go into the crypt (see the Tylus relations Crypt). Characters with the tune feat can song the fleeing cultists via city with a DC 20 Survival cost for the 1st mile. After that, the path is simpler to persist with, requiring just a DC 18 money. (Note that the DC drops by way of –1 for each 3 cultists who've fled. ) eventually, the desktops may well shadow a number of of the cultists, in particular ones with hostages. Characters might want to make conceal assessments adversarial via the cultists’ Spot cost each ten mins — 3 assessments, in all. until the characters be ready to capture one of many cultists as he enters the crypt, the complicated is sealed to them, and there are not any different entrances.

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