Download E-books Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress: Adventure P3 for 4th Edition D&D (D&D Adventure) PDF

By Bruce R. Cordell

A 4th variation D&D experience for 17th-level characters.

In this event, the computers detect that no longer all souls relaxation effortless, rather these lively away to Nightwyrm citadel. to benefit the reality, gamers needs to pierce death's veil itself and input the Shadowfell, the place sinister echoes of lifestyles wing via everlasting gloom.

This experience will be run as a stand-alone event or as half 3 of a three-part sequence of adventures (starting with P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens(TM) and P2 Demon Queen's Enclave(TM)) that spans 10 degrees of gameplay.

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Blood Smite ✦ Necrotic whilst bloodied, the abyssal zealot’s assaults deal an additional 2d6 necrotic harm. Alignment Chaotic evil Languages Abyssal, universal abilities Athletics +19 Str 18 (+14) Dex 14 (+12) Wis 15 (+12) Con 20 (+15) Int thirteen (+12) Cha sixteen (+13) 2 Rakshasa Warriors (R) point 15 Soldier Medium ordinary humanoid XP 1,200 every one Initiative +13 Senses notion +16; low-light imaginative and prescient HP 142; Bloodied seventy one AC 31; Fortitude 29, Reflex 28, Will 28 velocity 6 m Longsword (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon The rakshasa warrior makes assault rolls and retains the higher end result; +21 vs. AC; 1d8 + five harm, and the objective is marked till the tip of the rakshasa’s subsequent flip. m Claw (standard; at-will) +21 vs. AC; 1d8 + five harm. M Tiger Pounce (immediate response, whilst a marked enemy inside of five squares of the rakshasa warrior shifts; at-will) ✦ Weapon The rakshasa shifts to the closest sq. adjoining to the enemy and makes a easy assault opposed to it. misleading Veil (minor; at-will) ✦ phantasm The rakshasa warrior can conceal itself to seem as any Medium humanoid. A winning perception money (opposed via the rakshasa’s Bluff cost) pierces the hide. Alignment Evil Languages universal talents Athletics +15, Bluff +14, Intimidate +14 Str 20 (+12) Dex 18 (+11) Wis 18 (+11) Con 14 (+9) Int 12 (+8) Cha 14 (+9) apparatus scale armor, heavy safeguard, longsword strategies while the draconic wraiths or the abyssal zealots observe the adventurers, they name out warnings and flow to assault. Kailash and the opposite rakshasas emerge within the following around to hitch the conflict. The draconic wraiths and the rakshasa warriors try and have interaction the desktops in order that Kailash can get right into a flanking place to top use his talents. The abyssal zealots concentrate on a unmarried foe, if attainable, ideally a robust melee personality. Kailash doesn't struggle to the dying if he will help it. If the struggle looks going opposed to him, he makes an attempt 60 300_21892740_001_Nightwyrm_64. indd 60 1/7/09 8:55:27 AM E N CO U N T E R okay eight : H A L L O F I N Q U I S I T I O N 2 Draconic Wraiths (S) point 19 Lurker huge shadow magical beast (dragon, undead) XP 2,400 each one Initiative +18 Senses belief +20; darkvision Mist of deterioration air of mystery 2; enemies within the air of mystery are weakened. HP 107; Bloodied fifty three Regeneration 10 (if the draconic wraith takes radiant harm, regeneration doesn't functionality until eventually the top of its subsequent flip) AC 33; Fortitude 32, Reflex 31, Will 32 Immune ailment, poison; face up to 10 necrotic, insubstantial; weak 10 radiant (see additionally regeneration above) pace fly eight (hover); phasing; see additionally shadow drift m Shadow chew (standard; at-will) ✦ Necrotic achieve 2; +24 vs. AC; 1d10 +6 necrotic harm. m Shadow Claw (standard; stumble upon) ✦ Necrotic succeed in 2; +24 vs. AC; 3d6 + eight necrotic harm, and the objective loses 1 therapeutic surge. C Fell Breath (standard; recharge ⚄ ⚅) ✦ Necrotic shut blast five; +22 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 7 necrotic harm, and the objective takes ongoing 10 necrotic harm (save ends). strive against virtue ✦ Necrotic The draconic wraith bargains an additional 2d6 necrotic harm opposed to any goal it has wrestle virtue opposed to.

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