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By Ernest Thompson Seton

A prolific writer of books on flora and fauna, the good naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton used to be additionally an entire illustrator. Noting a dearth of common zoological anatomies for artists, he took it upon himself to create one. This quantity is the results of his efforts. In it, he presents a definitive artist's-eye view of the outside anatomy of animals, assisting readers depict floor good points equivalent to hair or fur, in addition to simple physique and facial structures.
Chapters disguise a few domesticated and wild species: the anatomy, dimension, and percentage of the lion, tiger, leopard, and different individuals of the cat family members; bears (including the grizzly, ecu brown, American black, and the polar bear); in addition to the camel, Indian elephant, and the caribou. extra sections give some thought to the pony in movement, the gallop of a puppy, and fowl feathering.
One of the main generally consulted books at the topic, Art Anatomy of Animals should be a necessary addition to the libraries of either teachers and scholars of art.

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THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND. THE cranium, exhibiting additionally THE HYOID BONES AND THE LARYNX. For the sake of clearnes, the some distance facet of the less than Mandible is passed over. PLATE XII. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND. THE muscle groups, &c. , OF the pinnacle. The Panniculi were got rid of. PLATE XIII. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND. THE muscle groups OF THE 3rd LAYER. Or the muscle mass uncovered after elimination from the topic as visible in Plate VIII. the Mastoideus, Cephalo-humeral, Sterno-hyoid, Sterno-thyroid, Trapezius, Deltoid, Latissimus, Epitrochlear, Brachialis, nice indirect, Ext. com. dig. , Ext. dig. brevis, Ext. carpi ulnaris, Gluteus maximus, G. medius, First Sartorius, Tensor Vaginæ, Biceps Femoris, lengthy Peroneus and internal Adductor of Tail. the pinnacle, Feed, Farther Limbs, Trachea, Glands of Throat and Neck, and the muscle tissue of the Anus, are passed over for the sake of simplicity. PLATE XIV. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND . THE DEEPER muscle groups OF THE TRUNK AND THIGH the topic is the following proven but farther denuded than in Plate XIII, the next being got rid of; the entire of the Fore limb, the Rhomboid, Pectoral; inner indirect, the Sartorius, Quadriceps, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, Biceps Femoris, Gracilis, and the muscle tissue of the reduce Leg. during this, notwithstanding , are proven the muscular tissues of the Anal quarter, that have been. owomitted in Plate XIII. ;in order to simplify that diagram. PLATE XV. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND. THE private MUSCLE OF THE TRUNK. the topic of Plate XIV. , additional dissected by means of the removing of the Splenius, 3 Serrati, Scalenus ,Rectus cap. ant. maj; Sternalis, Transversalis, Pyriform, GInteus minimus ,Capsularis, Cocygeus, Quadratus Femoris, Adductor magnus, Pectineus Gemellus, the 2 Obturators, the Sacro-sciatic Ligaments, the Anal muscle groups, and the Femur. PLATE XVI. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND . internal aspect OF FORE-LIMB AND lower than facet OF CHEST. A. internal view of left Fore-leg and Shouldr–nothing got rid of other than epidermis an Tissue. B. below view of Neck and Chest, after elimination the Panniculus. PLATE XVII. —THE ANATOMY external OF FORE-LIMB A. Outer facet of correct Fore-leg—nothing got rid of excepting the Sking and the making an investment Fascia. B. Outer aspect of correct Fore-leg, after elimination Ext. dig . com , Ext. carpi ulnaris PLATE XVIII. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND . internal facet OF LEFT FORE-LIMB. A. The Limb with dermis, Fascia, and exterior Blood vessels got rid of. B. an analogous after removal additionally the Perforatus the Flexor carpi radialis, and the around Pronator. C. an identical after additionally elimination the Perforans and the lengthy Supinator. PLATE XIX. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUNF. THE BONES AND muscle tissues OF THE LEFT FORE-FOOT. A. The Bones of the Paw obvious from the outer facet entrance. B. The Paw obvious from above, withe pores and skin and Fascia in simple terms got rid of. C. an identical from in the back of or lower than. D. The Bones and mechanism of a toe , exhibiting the explanations for the names Perforans (or perforated) and Perforans ( or perforation). PLATE XX. —THE ANATOMY OF THE GREYHOUND ; internal aspect OF LEFT HIND-LEG. A. The Limb with epidermis and Fascia merely got rid of B. The Limb after elimination additionally the exterior Blood-vessels, the Gracilis, the Tibialis postrior, and the Sartorii.

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