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By Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

Supplying a different combination of thematic and chronological research, this hugely illustrated, enticing textual content explores the wealthy ancient, cultural, and social contexts of 3,000 years of Greek paintings, from the Bronze Age during the Hellenistic interval.

• Uniquely intersperses chapters dedicated to significant sessions of Greek paintings from the Bronze Age during the Hellenistic interval, with chapters containing discussions of significant contextual subject matters throughout all the periods
• Contextual chapters illustrate how more than a few components, equivalent to the city setting, gender, markets, and cross-cultural touch, stimulated the improvement of art
• Chronological chapters survey the looks and improvement of key creative genres and discover how artifacts and structure of the time mirror those styles
• bargains various attractive and informative pedagogical beneficial properties to aid scholars navigate the topic, comparable to timelines, theme-based textboxes, key phrases outlined in margins, and additional readings.
• details is gifted basically and contextualized in order that it truly is available to scholars despite their past point of knowledge
• A booklet significant other site is obtainable at www.wiley.gom/go/greekart with the subsequent assets: PowerPoint slides, word list, and timeline

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Nicholas Cahill (Olynthos); Prof. Clemente Marconi (Selinus/Selinunte); Prof. Hallie M. Franks and Dan Lamp (Vergina); Prof. Elena Walter Karydi (Samos); Dr. Michael Squire (Sperlonga); Prof. Alexander Cambitoglou and Dr. Stavros Paspalas (Zagora). There are several colleagues who wrote on behalf of my university grant that I want to thank for their support: Sheramy Bundrick, Pamela Gordon, Susan Langdon, and Ann Steiner. Elizabeth Langridge-Noti has provided many thoughts and suggestions along the way, and her collegiality and friendship are very much appreciated. Finally, I would like to thank Haze Humbert for giving me the opportunity to attempt this book, and to the work of Deirdre Ilkson, Allison Kostka, Brigitte Lee Messenger, and Ben Thatcher in sorting out the details and advising on issues. I would also like to express my thanks to the many anonymous peer reviewers of the proposal, sample, and final chapters, and to Deirdre for summarizing and collating them for the editorial process. As always, this would not have been possible without Wendy. Timeline 3100–2700 2700–2200 Early Bronze Age I Early Bronze Age II 2650–2500 2400–2200 2200–2000 2000–1800 Keros-Syros Group (Cycladic Figurines) House of the Tiles, Lerna (EH II) Early Bronze Age III Middle Bronze Age I 1900–1750 1800–1750 1750 1750–1500 1750–1700 1750–1650 1700/1675–1600 1675–1600 1700–1625 c. 1625 1600–1430 1430–1300 1450–1340 1300–1190 1300–1190 1300–1180 1190–1075 1190–1075 1075–1025 1050–900 1000–950 900 900–850 850 Protopalatial Crete Middle Bronze Age II Destruction of First Minoan Palaces Neopalatial Crete Middle Bronze Age III “Snake Goddess” from Knossos (MM III–LM IA) Late Bronze Age I Shaft Graves at Mycenae (LH I) Frescoes at Akrotiri (LC I) Eruption of Thera Late Bronze Age II Late Bronze Age IIIA Painted Sarcophagus from Hagia Triada (LM IIIA) Late Bronze Age IIIB Lion Gate and Treasury of Atreus at Mycenae (LH IIIB) Palace of Nestor at Pylos (LH IIIB) Late Bronze Age IIIC Warrior Vase from Mycenae (EH IIIC) Sub-Mycenaean Protogeometric House at Lefkandi Centaur from Lefkandi, Boots and Warrior Grave at Athens Early Geometric Tomb of the Rich Athenian Lady 850–760 770 760–700 760–750 750–725 Middle Geometric Skyphos from Eleusis (MG II) Late Geometric Dipylon Amphora Ivory Figure from Dipylon Cemetery 734 725–700 706 Founding of Syracuse/Siracusa Town of Zagora on Andros, phase II Founding of Taras/Taranto 700–600 670–650 651 650–625 650–640 630 six hundred 600–480 590 580 570 550–540 550–530 540–530 530 530–525 520–510 490 490–485 480/479 480–400 480 477/6 480–470 470 Orientalizing Period Eleusis Amphora Founding of Selinus/Selinunte Kore of Nikandre Chigi Olpe Metopes from Temple of Apollo at Thermon Founding of Poseidonia/Paestum Archaic Period Kouros from Sounion Temple of Artemis at Korfu François Vase by Kleitias and Ergotimos Kore of Phrasikleia Temple C at Selinus/Selinunte Amphorae by Exekias Kouros from Anavyssos Siphnian Treasury at Delphi Kraters by Euphronios Battle of Marathon Athenian Treasury at Delphi Battle of Salamis, Sack of Athens Fifth-Century Classical Kritios Boy Tyrannicides Temple of Aphaia on Aigina Tomb of the Diver, Poseidonia/Paestum 470–457 460–450 Temple of Zeus at Olympia Riace Warriors, Artemision God, Cups by Sotades Painter 450–440 447–432 440 431–404 431–405 Doryphoros by Polykleitos Parthenon Lekythos by Achilles Painter Peloponnesian War Erechtheion 429 420–410 four hundred 400–330 400–375 394/393 375–370 360–330 360–350 350 350–330 350–340 359–336 348 337/6–333/2 336–323 335–317 334 331 330 330–30 325–311 three hundred three hundred 281 Death of Perikles Nike Temple Parapet Stele of Hegeso Fourth-Century Classical Mosaic at Olynthos Monument of Dexileos at Athens Temple of Asklepios at Epidauros Thymele at Epidauros Mausoleion at Halikarnassos Aphrodite of Knidos by Praxiteles Antikythera Youth Temple of Athena at Tegea Reign of Philip II of Macedon Destruction of Olynthos Daochos Monument at Delphi Reign of Alexander the Great Tomb II at Vergina Lysikrates Monument at Athens Founding of Alexandria, Egypt Theater at Epidauros Hellenistic Period Alexander Sarcophagus Founding of Antioch, Statue of Tyche of Antioch Beginning of Temple of Apollo at Didyma Founding of Pergamon 211 200–190 Rome sacks Syracuse/Siracusa Cult Statues from Sanctuary of Despoina at Lykosoura by Damophon 180–150 166–100 a hundred and sixty 150–100 Great Altar of Zeus at Pergamon House of Dionysos at Delos Asklepieion at Kos Aphrodite from Melos 146 120–80 a hundred Rome sacks Corinth Alexander Mosaic from Pompeii Aphrodite with Slipper from Delos 86 c.

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