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By Thierry Aubin

This textbook for second-year graduate scholars is meant as an advent to differential geometry with critical emphasis on Riemannian geometry. bankruptcy I explains simple definitions and provides the proofs of the $64000 theorems of Whitney and Sard. bankruptcy II offers with vector fields and differential kinds. bankruptcy III addresses integration of vector fields and $p$-plane fields. bankruptcy IV develops the thought of connection on a Riemannian manifold regarded as a way to outline parallel shipping at the manifold. the writer additionally discusses similar notions of torsion and curvature, and offers a operating wisdom of the covariant spinoff. bankruptcy V specializes on Riemannian manifolds by way of deducing international houses from neighborhood houses of curvature, the ultimate objective being to figure out the manifold thoroughly. bankruptcy VI explores a few difficulties in PDEs urged by way of the geometry of manifolds.

The writer is recognized for his major contributions to the sector of geometry and PDEs--particularly for his paintings at the Yamabe problem--and for his expository bills at the topic.

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However, we now have succeeded in proving the next. 6. 12. Theorem (Aubin; see [1] or [2]). We regularly have is < n(n If s < n(n - 1)w2n/", there exists a strictly optimistic resolution w E COO of (3) with R' =,u and IIwlIN = 1. the following w is the amount of the field of radius 1 and measurement n. µ is outlined in 6. eight. so that it will see. that the inequality of Theorem 6. 12 is strict, we need to positioned try services within the practical I. If the manifold isn't conformal to the sector, we will end up that p < n(n - 1)w2n/" hence the Yamabe challenge is solved. There continuously exists a conformal metric g' such that R' = consistent (the sphere has consistent curvature, therefore consistent scalar curvature). 6. thirteen. standpoint in learn. On compact Riemannian manifolds, the Yamabe challenge is solved. One may perhaps pose a similar challenge on entire noncompact manifolds. there are just a few effects, and they're various from these on compact manifolds. for example, it isn't transparent that there are 3 various circumstances, confident, destructive or 0 (according to the signal of u within the compact case). we will additionally ponder generalised types of the Yamabe challenge. for instance, allow us to contemplate the prescribed scalar curvature challenge: enable f be a C°° functionality at the Riemannian manifold (M,,,g). We ask the next query: Does there exist a conformal metric g' for g such that R' = f? . In measurement n > three, this challenge is reminiscent of fixing the next equation: (n - 1) 4(n-)Ocp+R = fcp(" s), tp>0. In measurement n = 2, the equation to unravel is (see (2) with n = 2) AV+R= fe`e. This challenge is especially demanding at the sphere, the place it's the so-called Nirenberg challenge. Bibliography [11 Aubin, T. : Nonlinear research on Manifolds. Monge-Ampere Equations (Grundlehren 252), Springer-Verlag, ny, 1982. [21 Aubin, T. : a few Nonlinear difficulties in Riemannian Geometry, Springer-Verlag, manhattan, 1998. [31 Gallot, S. , Hulin, D. , and Lafontaine, J. : Riemannian Geometry, Springer-Verlag, ny, 1987. [4J Helgason, S. : Differential Geometry, Lie teams and Symmetric areas. educational Press, ny, 1978. 151 Kobayashi, S. , and Nomizu, ok. : Foundations of Differential Geometry. I and II, Interscience, long island, 1963. [61 Lichnerowicz, A. : Ggomktrie des groupes de ameliorations, Dunod, Paris, 1958. [7) Malliavin, P. : Gdometrie diffenentielle intrinseque, Hermann, Paris, 1972. [81 Milnor, J. : Morse thought (Annals reviews 51), Princeton Univ. Press, 1963. [91 Milnor, . 1. : Topology from the Differentiable standpoint, The college Press of Virginia, 1969. [101 Narasimhan, R. : research on genuine and complicated Manifolds, Masson, Paris, and NorthHolland, Amsterdam, 1971. (11] de Rham, G. : Sur l. a. thdorie des formes differentielles harmoniques, Ann. Univ. Grenoble 22 (1946), 135-152. 1121 de Rham, G. : Varietes diffdrentiables, Hermann, Paris, 1955. [131 Spivak, M. : Differential Geometry (5 volumes), put up or Perish, Berkeley, 1979. [141 Sternberg, S. : Lectures on Differential Geometry, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1965. (151 Warner, F.

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