Dive Center Silberstein

Dive Center Silberstein is conveniently located in front of Hotel Silberstein. We offer daily diving tours to the best surrounding dive spots, as well as all PADI courses: Introductory Dive, Open Water, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master.

In Galapagos there are multiple variations of Dive Vacations. Besides our Daily Diving Tours to the surrounding Islands it is also possible to do a Dive “Island Hopping” with our Galapagos Dive Connection or with enough experience, go up North to the famous Islands of Darwin and Wolf with our Diving Cruise Astrea.

Island Hopping in Diving is a great opportunity to get to know the Galapagos underwater world. A wide variety of Dive spots is offered, land based and without the necessity of being on a cruise starting from San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela, with overnights on each Island. This program should start with a minimum 7 days on the Islands, though more days is preferred, to fully experience the diving from the eastern to the western Islands. Our partners are specific Dive Bases on the other Islands, and we have a specific code of quality to ensure the best and safest experience for all our divers.

All Dive cruises have the same destination: Darwin and Wolf! In 8-day Cruises the ultimate highlight in diving is with hundreds of Hammerheads and other sharks, especially the great whale shark, many different kinds of rays, sea lions and many more. We work with the different boats in different categories that offer different specialties. Of course we offer interesting extensions at out Hotel Silberstein with daily tours to combine the diving tour with the unique experiences of Daily tours, where visitors can see all kinds of birds, iguanas, sea lions and more on land, to get a complete experience of the Galapagos.

Please check out: www.divingalapagos.com for more information.

We will be happy to help you select the best programs that fit your needs while diving in Galapagos!